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    it's built into us.

    I agree with that for young people, those that have not yet been able to decide what way they want to run their lives but me at my age, well no way but then again people are always saying that I am a role model to them. I do not understand why 60+ would need a role model, surely by this age the role in life is already well established. Personally I have the courage of my convictions, I have a sense of morality, a sense of self worth, an ability to do stuff. I don`t procrastinate or get depressed. I live in the moment but I also look ahead

    Personally I would find it depressing to have to look up to someone in order to get that feeling of self worth or to realise my ability or ambitions. That power is with all of us

    An interesting topic but love you and leave you, I need to go back up the ladder to finish outdoor painting while the sun shines
  • Maybe I've not explained clearly enough what I mean - the positive role model (ie someone being very "active") feels necessary to counterbalance just how many people in my agegroup and older appear to be very "inactive" from what I can see.

    It would be all too easy to start thinking that walking only a mile is "normal"/generally not exerting oneself very much at all is "normal" and so on.

    Hence I think it helps to be reminded what "normal" really is - ie a sight more "active" than that. Very easy to make excuses to oneself about "Only to be expected at my age...." about things otherwise.
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    Out of interest - may I ask "Why not?"

    Because I'm a realist.
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    I take the term "role model" to mean someone who can inspire us, Who can help Spur us on on to achieve our potential or from whom we can learn something new and interesting.

    So yes Money I think you are right to look for a role model who can inspire you with your walking.

    I'm not very good at providing links but if you google "inspirational older people" I'm sure you will find who or what your are looking for.

    As you may know I have a bad back and am trying to get fitter. My son often sends me links of older women who are super fit and healthy to keep me motivated.

    There is one woman in particular - my son showed me her picture and asked me to guess her age, I said around 70. He said she is 85. She too had suffered Injuries and back pain and had started resistance training when she was 55. I'll try and find her name.

    There is a man who is 100 and still runs marathons. Apparently he didn't start running until he was in his 80s.

    It all goes to show its never too late to start a fitness programme.

    I am still recovering from a recent car crash. I go to Physio twice a week and every day I faithfully do my homework exercises :rotfl: Each day they get a bit easier and I feel a bit stronger. I'll get there.

    It's about like the old eating an elephant thing. One bite at a time.

    It took me 6 months to wean myself off my GERD and IBS meds. I changed my diet and took supplements. I am now pain and medication free.

    The next step is my body........sort out my back pain, improve my posture and Strengthen my muscles.

    If it takes a year so what. I will do it.

    I want to "age well" and remain fit and healthy as long as possible.

    I want to look glamourous like Joan Collins and Helen Mirren,:rotfl: why not........I want to have fun and have travel adventures like Joanna Lumley.

    I'm 65 and I want to enjoy another 30 years .........I want to ride horses again. I want to ride in a balloon again. I want to travel, I want to dance the Tango........

    I recently took my 90 year old dad to BElguim.He loved it. He came back tired but very happy.

    Money find your role models and go out and do it. Live your dreams.
  • What about self-motivation? Surely at our age we have enough nounce to weigh up the pros and cons and make a decision for ourselves?

    Sure, we can take on board what others do and make an informed decision if it would suit - or not.

    I walk 10K paces per day (or not) and I swim. I do this because I decided to, and I enjoy it. However I have had a problem with my knee which makes it painful to walk sometimes. So this may be why some people don't want to exercise because of pain or other problems.

    I found ways to overcome my problem - it was doable. For others it may not be.
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    I expect that many of those who you think have let themselves off the hook probably would love to be more active, as they once were, but they are restricted by arthritic knees or hips.
    I used to go out dancing six nights a week, play hockey and I worked full time while running a house for over 40 years. All that I would dearly love to do again but I cannot wak up steps easily, cannot run and any sort of walking is a pain in the knee.
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    My Physio recommended a static exercise bike for knee pain. Less wear and tear on sore or worn out joints.

    And of course swimming is excellent for all round health. It provides the 3 "s's" strength, stamina and suppleness. Plus the water supports you so less risk of injury.

    Yes. Self motivation is really important. You have to really "want" that healthy body ..........:rotfl:

    Money. Ypu could always get a dog. A big one that demands long walks. Lol.
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    Swimming is also out for me. My GP told me that my ear infections were down to swimming and to keep them out of water.
    There is really no getting away from it, old age does wear out the body and leads to a more resrictive lifestyle. There will always be some people who will out perform their age group just as there will be some at other end of scale who underperform. Most are somewhere in between, as in a normal distribution curve.
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    My 87 year old neighbour is my role model. She is so lively and positive, although has not had things easy in the last few years.

    She walks to town almost every day, holidays on her own and follows all football.

    She always looks immaculate.
    Member #14 of SKI-ers club

    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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    kittie wrote: »

    Personally I would find it depressing to have to look up to someone in order to get that feeling of self worth or to realise my ability or ambitions. That power is with all of us.

    Maybe we are talking about somewhat different things.

    I'm not writing about 'looking up' to individuals, so much as 'looking at' them, sometimes in quite a focused way.

    It's not about one or two individuals, as it might be in our youth, but taking note of successes in a multitude of areas and learning from dozens of people.
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