Stoozing and missed the payment date... GGRRRRR!!!

Hi folks,

I have been stoozing (by this I mean spending my living costs on the 0% cc and saving the money each month in Santander 123 at 3% interest) on an American Express cashback credit card and annoyingly they don't allow you to set up a DD to pay the minimum payment each month (edit, just noticed that they have now added this option so have set one up straight away).

I've been great until now but with so much going on, missed my payment date by two days this month.

Can anyone tell me what this means please as i've never missed a payment before and didn't expect to this time. I'm guessing:

1. Missed payment charge?
2. Reported to credit reference agency?
3. Interest charged on the full balance? For the whole month or just the two days the payment was late?
4. What about the 0% deal i'm on, is that affected by me missing a payment?

Frustratingly, the payment date is 22nd August even though my statement date isn't until 28th August. Surely as long as they get the payment before the statement date then it should count?

Thanks in advance for any help. Kicking myself!!! :mad:
A big believer in karma, you get what you give :A

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