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Paying off the balance of your credit card


I recently phoned up MBNA and asked to pay the entire balance of my credit card. Today I received a text saying I needed to make a payment and after speaking to them it seems that I have to pay interest from my last statement until the date I made the payment.

As I asked to pay to entire outstanding balance on the card I assumed that this would include any interest owed as well and I would not need to make any further payment. Also, at no point did the customer adviser tell me I'd have to make any further payment so I'm really unhappy about this and feel like I've been mislead by them.

I've made the payment to them as I don't want this to affect my credit history but I'm seriously thinking of making a complaint to them about being mislead.

What do other people think?



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    Sounds as if they gave you a statement figure. Though even a daily figure may have not have accounted for that day's interest.

    Complain, you might get a tenner out of them. Personally, I wouldn't bother. But either way, you can at least be happy that you're not being over charged.
  • Messaged MBNA via private message on Facebook tell them what happened and that I wanted details of who I could make a formal complaint to as I believed they'd mislead me and they just called me and written off the interest.

    Apparently the person I spoke to when I made to payment has left and they can't access the recording of the call for whatever reason? Anyway because I paid off quite a lot of money they said that they understood I would have paid the interest if I was told about it.

    Either way a result as far as I'm concerned.
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