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BT broadband customers overcharged after 'glitch'

BT has wrongly charged customers with a limited broadband package for exceeding their usage cap...
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'BT broadband customers overcharged after 'glitch''
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  • AquamaniaAquamania Forumite
    2.1K Posts
    BT are becoming an absolute disgrace.

    Have raised 3 formal complaints against them within the last month, 2 of which are now already with the ombudman service. :(

    The latest one involves charges demanded because we took up an offer of FREE broadband for a year.

    We have had our telephone service supplied bty BT for many years.
    Recently we received a written offer from BT for FREE broadband for 12 months (just have to pay £7.95 for delivery of the BT hub)

    This was "A very special offer for a select few BT customers" and "You won't see this offer advertised" boasted BT.

    So we stupidly decided to take up this offer. Now for the exact same telephone services we used to have plus FREE BT broadband, we are being charged an extra £3.50 per month over and above what we were paying before we accepted their offer.

    BT say they have done nothing wrong. I wonder if the ombudsman will agree with them? If not, we may have to go to small claims over this scam! :mad:
  • minislimminislim Forumite
    357 Posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    BT = Blatant Thieves!

    their prices are extortionate for existing customers! tried to renew for my dad (who felt loyal to BT, having always been (ripped off) with them) when you come to renew they offer you rubbish deals. even when you get through to cancellations they offer you poor deals to try and retain you.

    then a week or so later when they get the request of transfer from you new provider they then ring you up with a much better deal. but by then its too late. they should have offered it when i asked in the first place.
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