NHS worker since 1999? Are you due £1,000s of tax back



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    I was employed by a third party provider i.e. an organisation that was contracted to do NHS work. My training was funded by health education england and I paid tax and NI. The people on my course who were employed directly by the NHS to do exactly the same course and job as me get a refund but I have told I cannot because I was not an NHS employee. Is this correct? It seems like an odd rule?
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    I completed a 1 year course at university as part of my employment contract in the NHS. I no longer work for the NHS, however I applied to HMRC for a refund, and was told:

    'the responsibility to correct any overpaid tax and NICs for tax years 2013 onwards is with the NHS trust that you completed your training with...... If your employer confirms that you meet the necessary conditions they will need to make an adjustment to correct your tax and NICs contributions through their payroll'.

    In my letter this link was referred to: https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manual ... l/eim06237 stating:

    'if you believe you satisfy the conditions of the Statement of Practice 4/86 (https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manual ... l/eim06237) and are entitled to a refund, then please contact your employer.

    Reading through the above, I'm not sure that it's the same as the WATS policies, as if the ceiling is £15,480 then how have others managed to claim their tax and NI back? They see that any more than the above amount suggests it's not a scholarship and 'in consequence the payments are likely to be earnings from the employment and should be taxed in full.'

    It all seems inconsistent to me.....

    Is the above link applicable/in line with the WATs?
  • mollybob
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    Does anyone know if the Midwifery conversion course is eligable? I was paid an E grade staff nurse and did the 18 month degree course paid by a consortium of trusts- so techically employed but in training.
  • niknak2308
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    GOOD NEWS for those claiming Tax Credits whilst on the scheme!

    Just got off the phone from Tax Office asking if it's worth me applying for the refund as I didn't want to have to repay the Tax Credits (my course is approved by my employer and colleagues have already received payments). I was told that I needed to clarify with Tax Credits instead so spoke to a very helpful person there who said:

    If you are employed, (eg paying a pension) by your employer, and they confirm you're eligible, then you can submit a claim for a refund for both Tax and NI as you still count as "working" even if you're "training how to do the job whilst on the scheme". He also said that your eligibility for Tax Credits is based on your gross earnings for the year (before tax and NI deductions), so even if you got some Tax or NI back, it doesn't mean you've "earned" more or have more money than the max figure they have already, therefore, it won't affect what you've been paid. He was adamant it wouldn't be affected so I thought I'd pass it onto you all as I know how worrying it all is.

    PS RE current wait times: NI claims take approx 4 weeks from receipt, and Tax about 7 weeks at the moment.
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    I was advised by HMRC on 16.1.17 that they have to advise you of any rebates due within 15 days of receiving the claim. The NI rebates then have to be paid 4 weeks from the date they work out the payments and the tax within 6 weeks. However, I don't know anyone that has had confirmation/payments that quickly. I was advised that it is dealt with by a dedicated Widening Access Team who have my details but haven't done any calculations as they are inundated.
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    My experience was swift from sending in my own evidence as trust no longer exists. Evidence received 15th December 16 - informed about rebate for NI 11th Jan - cheque received yesterday. Info in letter received 11th Jan stated tax being calculated ��
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    I trained 2000-2003. I applied for a Tax and NI Contribution refund, but have been told by HMRC that there is a 4 year cut off date for all refunds. Any advice please?

  • Loulou70
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    My training claim was 2010 which is more then 6 years and I have been refunded. my understanding is that you can claim back to 1999 As this is when the WAT scheme started.
  • Tom_Hes
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    Does anyone know if this would apply to the 'NHS BURSARIES FOR STUDENTS ON 5 YEAR MEDICAL OR DENTAL COURSES'
    as I still have a massive student loan and this would really help?!
  • JohnWratten
    JohnWratten Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Quick update: it looks like my claim is pending, so I'll update here when I have a definitive answer- one way or the other.

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