NHS worker since 1999? Are you due £1,000s of tax back



  • debbie_debt
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    I've also just had a letter from the HMRC with a cheque for my tax refund - £3759

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  • debbie_debt
    debbie_debt Forumite Posts: 299
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    adie_11 wrote: »

    Any advice would be welcome. I completed my nurse training via the open university between 2009-2013. I was a student for 26hrs per week and a Nursing assistant 11.5hrs.

    I have contacted HMRC who say I am not entitled to anything. Is this because the open university isn't recognised as a training establishment or because of the hours I worked?


    It looks like you probably aren't eligible unfortunately. You need to have been sponsored by an NHS Trust, with them paying you to do the course, and you studying full-time. Sorry!

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  • adie_11
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    Hi Debbie,

    I was seconded by the NHS trust to complete this training and i was paid a band 3 full time wage for 4 years. Part of the agreement of doing the course was that i had to stay with the trust 2 years after completing the training. I would argue that 26 hours a week as a student is full time ;-)
  • Ratherbeknitting
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    Received £6300 from tax refund today, again stating in letter will write seperately if this effects any benefits. total refund £8500:j:j
  • wifit
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    I did my year long course prior to 1999; are there any ways to claim prior to 1999?
    Thank you
    did you ever get an answer about doing course pre 1999
    or does anyone else have an answer
  • wifit
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    Hi did you ever find out the answer as I did mine 97-98
  • CruisingSaver
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    Widening access training schemes did not begin until 1999 and therefore any training before then does not qualify for the tax and NI refunds being discussed here.

  • wifit
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    thanks I was just checking as exactly same degree course shame could have done with a nice little windfall :D
  • niknak2308
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    Hi all. I'd love to apply for this as know im eligible but after reading the article I'm a bit wary as I was in receipt of working and child tax credits at that time. I'm concerned I'll end up owing money as indicated in the article. Has anyone had any problems on this front? Part of me thinks just go for it but the sensible part says don't risk it. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Oh my word, there are some big rebates here - even for just one year courses!! I have 3 years secondment and 1 year DN training to claim. I'm going to try HR again Monday morning and if they're still dragging their heels, just apply for this myself. Which guidelines did everyone use to claim independently? Ta.
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