Podiatry issue


Not really sure if I've posted in the right area but all help is appreciated!

I have orthotics and noticed that they're starting to crack. I made an appointment with a podiatrist for the 14th of May. I initially requested an appointment for 2 x pairs of orthotics. The receptionist said that she would make it a consultation appointment and the cost would be deducted from the orthotics. I attended the appointment and the podiatrist wanted me to try going without orthotics for approx 6weeks. Before leaving I made a follow up for the 23rd of June as instructed to by the podiatrist.

I tried going without the orthotics but really struggled as it caused me to twist and get numbness (pins and needles) in the front of my feet. I tried persivering with this but it wasn't working out well for me. I couldn't wait for my follow up appointment to get the new orthotics.

On the 15th of June I recieved an email to tell me that my appointment had moved location to another clinic 11/12 miles away as the clinic I had attended had closed down. I called to see if I could make the appointment at a later time and was informed that the podiatrist was sick and they would call me back to book me in at a later date. This didn't happen and I called to chase and was informed that they hadn't returned to work. Chased again on 13th of July as my orthotics are really starting to fall apart. Was told that the podiatrists was in the process of returning to work but would not be offering the same clinic hours as previously but they would discuss with her. I called again today and they still haven't sorted anything out. I've asked for a refund of the original £50 paid but they were not prepared to discuss it with me. Not sure where I stand legally and if I'm entitled to my money back.


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