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Weedkiller that burns the hell out of them?

I spent around 6 hours scraping out the weeds between the slabs on my driveway (it's comprised of 3 large concrete slabs) and there's is a good half an inch gap between each slab. Because there's a large gap the weeds fill the void and when I scrape them out sometimes the roots are left behind because I can't get down there very easily.
Yesterday I did the patio and I know in a couple of weeks time they'll be back.
I bought a weed killer from home base, but it didn't work at all.
What week killers burn the b*****s?


  • Google 'weed burner torch' a much more satisfying way of dealing with them.
  • paddy's_mumpaddy's_mum Forumite
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    There are other ways than toxic chemicals.

    On weedy areas that my pets walk on, I use either ordinary table salt sprinkled on the weeds (but beware of it washing off onto nearby plants that you do want to keep) or when my veggies for tea are ready for serving, I trot out with my saucepan and drain the boiling water over the weeds.

    They don't seem to like that, for some reason, but it depends if your drive is half a mile long or you have neighbours who already think you're a bit cracked!
  • frugalmacdugalfrugalmacdugal Forumite
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    found this few weeks ago, and tried it, takes a few days before it kicks in, but when it kicks it kicks.
    Y'all take care now.

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    ColinFishwickColinFishwick Forumite
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    Weedkillers take a while usually to act and kill the plant. Only one I know that usually shows signs of it working within days is roundup (fast action) and it usually leaves a slight residue on paving which goes when it rains.

    Generic glyphosate takes 2-3 weeks to work this time of year and must be applied when the weeds are growing

    I use roundup on my block paving and some times a path scaper that has at one end wire brush and another a pointed thing got it from B&M's

    I have rosate36 as said above but takes a few weeks to act use it on allotment

    As said you can use a burner to burn the weeds whether that leaves a mark I dont know and may not kill all weeds
  • I_have_spokenI_have_spoken PPR
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    Glyphosate won't affect the weed seeds.

    OP needs to either use a flame wand to burn off the seeds or use a weedkiller that persists in the soil. Unfortunately the EU banned these.
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    I've been using salt this week and the weeds are already starting to shrivel.
    I bought 3kg at Tesco for £1.10. Then mixed it, a third of a kilo in a watering can of boiling water.
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  • I suspect the OP may have applied weed killer to bare soil, which of course has no effect.

    Just spray them when there are green leaves. They'll die down. Shouldn't need too many sprays a year to keep the patio weed free. Rain run off from a patio treated with weed killer won't damage the rest of the garden, unlike 'toxic' concentrated salt.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    I use Pathclear on our drive as it last 3 months. But, as said, you do need to spray the weeds - not after you have removed them.
  • ohreallyohreally Forumite
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    Rock salt.
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  • force_tenforce_ten Forumite
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    further to the suggestion to put salt on them what i would do is fill the gaps in the slabs with rock salt/road grit that you use in the winter

    I use this method on my front footpath and it works well
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