Decorative Stones Or Chippings for Garden

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I have a cracked concrete path at the back of my house outside my dining room and kitchen patio doors which floods a bit when it rains which needs removing. I'm considering getting some decorative chippings or stones to replace the concrete and help with drainage but not sure which would be suitable.

Could someone give me some guidance please on what would be suitable?



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    Following with interest - as in similar situation and wondering what to do when I can afford it.
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    Chippings have their uses, but not perhaps immediately next to a doorway. as there ought to be a buffer to lessen the chances of mobile materials being transported indoors on shoes, pets etc.

    If the concrete 'floods a bit,' then it needs taking up and a similar hard surface of slabs or more concrete should be laid to a fall, away from the house.

    How easy this will be depends on individual circumstances of course, but unless the house is sitting in a sump area, it should be possible. Even then, it's usually possible to drain into a gully and take the water to a suitable drain/soak-away/flower bed.

    Getting the fall from the house can be tricky sometimes, The solution is never to lay a surface on top of the existing one if this would bring it within 120mm of the damp proof course. We often read on the forum about bridged DPCs created by lazy DIYers, making walls damp and leading to mould growth etc.
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    Just a couple of small bits of advice: Make sure you put down a good quality weed proof membrane underneath the stones or gravel to help prevent weeds growing through, and don't use white gravel, it shows the dirt a lot!

    I've got this gravel, though bought it from a local shop rather than this website. Had it a few years now and no complaints, does the job, doesn't show the dirt too much etc:
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    I agree about the membrane, but most people choose the wrong type, going for Mypex, Phormisol and their cheaper generics, or the cheap stuff sold in DIY sheds which punctures as soon as you look at it.

    The real McCoy is Terram. Mypex etc works, but it's slippery, so it tends to let the gravel slide about if not well-covered.

    All gravel-based surfaces will only keep weeds at bay for around 8-10 years max, after which too much organic material will have filtered down under them. I'm just removing some now and it's amazing how much soil has accumulated after 10 years. The more it's walked, the more falls off people's boots etc and the prevalence of autumn leaves has an effect, powered by earthworms.

    To be clear, I wasn't rubbishing gravel before, just saying it shouldn't be within a metre or so of the doorways.

    Gravel has one important security feature, which is that it makes a silent approach almost impossible. I have a gravel drive, and even when I'm 100m away, I can hear anyone driving onto it.
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    Depending on what area you have to cover, what about putting down a tiled/slabbed path with gravel at the sides if room permits, which would help with the drainage problem.

    We used to have bark chippings in the borders, but eventually replaced them with gravel, as we were always having to top up the bark. Really wouldn't fancy bark for walking across, you'd be forever cleaning the house floor.
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