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    Thanks AMOT :) I've popped over to your thread and will be following your journey too!

    I think I'll have a sweep of the house after work today and collect some things that can be sold. I know I have at least a camera bag and Fitbit scales that can go.
    Anyone want a wedding dress? It's been on gumtree and preloved for God knows how long! :rotfl:

    DH bought a GoPro and Karma Grip on Monday, so he now owes me a few hundred pounds. He's obviously not changed his ways :o
    I'm also owed a few hundred from the Freehold account as I've paid for things whilst the company bank account is being set up.
    So my own account is looking a little sorry for itself. Oh well! It's not like I spend any of it anyway :p

    One thing I am thinking of spending on though is a new wardrobe - clothing, not furniture!
    When I got back from Dubai I sorted all my clothes out and packed most of them away, sort of testing out a Project 333 style capsule wardrobe. I'm really liking the simplicity of having fewer pieces to choose from, and it means I like whatever I pick out in the morning.
    There are few items I've found I need to buy though - some plain tshirts, a versatile party top, another pair of dark blue jeans...so that will be budgeted in for next month.
    Oh and I do need to buy some more chocolate protein powder for my pancakes and ice cream - that's £25 this month, but I haven't eaten out as much as I thought this month so it will come from that side of the budget.
    "What's protein ice cream?" I hear you ask. I'll post about it tomorrow :p

    In case anyone's interested, food today is:
    Protein pancakes with blueberries and coconut jam,
    Banana and carrot oat bar,
    Chicken and feta salad and the last Easter nest cake,
    Rice cakes with coconut jam and cashew butter,
    Cod fishcake, green beans and broccoli, or chicken and vegetable curry with brown rice - I'll make whichever DH feels like,
    And maybe some Thorntons Easter egg :D
    Originally October 2042 // Goal December 2032
    Currently at £127,500

    End of fix goal: £75,000 by September 2024
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    I warn you, it's a pretty random post today :o

    Had a wonderful and inspiring day at work today. We had a large conference on creating an excellent service community and the speakers were just so motivating :T
    Having lunch provided is always a bonus, and I was not disappointed by the spread.
    I had a falafal wrap, pop chips, a healthy juice and lots of gorgeous chocolate cake :p
    No Easter egg for me after dinner tonight! Well...maybe...

    Speaking of food, I did say I'd explain my protein ice cream today, so here goes:
    You pop a cup or so of milk in a powerful blender, along with a scoop of flavoured protein powder, a teaspoon of xanthan gum and a handful of ice.
    Start blending and keep adding ice until the consistency of the ice cream is how you like it.
    Simples! :D
    I've only used whey protein so I don't know how it works with other types.
    Normal milk and coconut milk work really well, soy milk is good, and almond milk is ok but can go a bit ice-crystalish.
    Also, xanthan gum is really easy to find in most supermarkets, is very cheap and is just a powder like baking soda.
    This makes about a pint or so of ice cream which is packed full of protein and only around 150kcal (depending on the milk and protein powder you use).
    I love to have it with some cereal on top to get some carbs in and fill me up more :beer:

    Anyway, I'm a major planner *performs salute* (anyone else watch HIMYM?:rotfl:) and love to research and organise.
    I found an app and website called Trello and I'm experimenting using it as a scheduler for my goals this year; having a week's views and popping smaller tasks related to my larger goals onto specific days at the beginning of the week, just to make sure I'm moving forward and working towards them.
    I'll be able to add overpaying the mortgage on there, plus saving for holidays too:)

    Chicken curry for dinner tonight! :T
    Originally October 2042 // Goal December 2032
    Currently at £127,500

    End of fix goal: £75,000 by September 2024
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    Hope everyone had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend!
    The weather was a bit random where I was but we still made the most of it.

    I baked a huge 6 layer cake for three friends' birthdays so am very proud of myself for that :D
    It was alternating giant thick cookie layers with chocolate cake layers, with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache. Oh, and caramel popcorn on top of course :p
    Still have a quarter of it left. I've vowed not to touch it...we'll see how that goes! :o

    Of course with three friends' birthdays to celebrate this weekend wasn't made up of NSDs, but I did have a budget of £50, and I actually came in under-budget!
    Here's a breakdown:
    Saturday lunch in: £1.70
    Saturday dinner out: £20
    Sunday dinner in: £3
    Sunday pub quiz and drinks: £6.95
    Brunch on Monday: £9
    Monday lunch in: £2.50
    Total: £43.15
    Plus we have some leftover soups, bread, tortilla chips, soft cheese and other bits and bobs to keep us fed this week :p

    DH and I are at DH's parents' Thurs-Sat, and DH will be having pizza night tomorrow, so we didn't really do a shop this week - just cheddar cheese and a broccoli head!
    We had a butternut squash and other vegetables lying around so I cooked up a roasted butternut squash sauce last night and had that with pasta, vegetables and cheese. We'll be having that for dinner tonight as well.
    Lunch today and tomorrow is soup and bread leftover from our busy weekend, and snacks are tortilla chips, salady bits like tomatoes and cucumber, and rice cakes.
    May head to Asda after work to buy a pack of Heck chicken sausages - I love to snack on those protein-packed morsels!

    DH and I are visiting Harry Potter World Thursday evening - so excited! :j
    Anyone been before?
    No idea what's happening dinner-wise as our ticket time is 6.30pm, but it will probably be a home-cooked early dinner by DH's mum. And the rest of the day should be a NSD, unless I get a haircut as I have the whole day off work (Woo! Two day week! :T)

    I've was reading up on matched betting earlier and will continue to do so for the rest of the week. I'm not one to risk money without knowing all the ins and outs.
    DH gave it a go at Easter as his brother went through it with him, who is quite a dab hand at it. Since I'm popping to the in-laws Thurs-Sat this week maybe I'll rope him in to teaching me too! (Maybe I can get rid of the cake as a bribe :rotfl:)

    We overpaid the mortgage by another £500 last Friday (I tend to keep the money around for the month now, just in case we need it). Almost under £140,000! Can't wait!
    May might not be so good though. DH bought a GoPro and Karma Grip last month, borrowing money from me, so he had to pay me back this month. This meant he didn't have any money to put towards over payments, but he did surprise me and do something very MSE-like, switching bank accounts. He should get £120 this week - £100 for switching and £20 from his sister for him using her as a referral instead of his mum!
    Speaking of May, I'll pop my budget on here very soon :)
    Originally October 2042 // Goal December 2032
    Currently at £127,500

    End of fix goal: £75,000 by September 2024
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    Well done on celebrating 3 birthdays on less than £50, that's impressive :T

    How do you make your butternut squash sauce for pasta? That sounds yummy!
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    Enjoy your 2 day week, I'm very jealous!

    We went to HP World a couple years back and it was amazing. I think we will go back again at some point if we can.
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    Hello everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I lost touch... :o
    A lot has happened in the two years I've been away, so this post will be a quick update and I'll follow with more frequent updates.

    First off, we haven't been overpaying for a year or so because we decided to build up our emergency fund and give the stock market a go. We just didn't want all of our money in our house where we couldn't access it if needed!
    However, our mortgage is down to around £127,500 and we're finally at the end of our 5 year fix so we can get on a lower rate! We've had our meeting with the bank and are going down to 1.89% for another 5 year fix, which will start in September this year. We reduced the term to keep our payments the same, so we're going from 30 years to 15 years! I know the lower interest rate helps, but I'm still so happy we've halved our mortgage term in only 5 years! :T
    Over the next 15 years if we don't overpay anything and stay on the SVR after the fix (but we'll definitely be overpaying and remortgaging) then we'll be down to around £89,000.
    Our daily interest on this new mortgage will be going from £15 to £6! :eek:

    As you can tell by the mortgage term DH and I are going to stay in our flat for another 5 years as we really don't need anywhere larger during that time and we love the location. We've been making improvements and landscaping the communal garden ourselves this year which has been hard work but DH gets a shed from the freehold as a reward when it's finished.

    We don't have a tenant in the spare room anymore so we've lost that income, but I was very happy for that to end anyway because the few hundred pounds was really not worth the stress!

    DH has worked his way up in his job and is earning more, and I've also had a promotion. We've kept our spending pretty similar but have done up the flat a bit recently, and had a few holidays as travel is important to us. We've been fortunate enough to visit Edinburgh, Rome, Cape Verde and the Alsace.
    I also got my teeth fixed, which is something I've wanted to do for many years. It really does help to have a dentist cousin-in-law who can give you a great deal! It still cost a few thousand though :o

    About a year ago I was diagnosed with a few diseases, including coeliac disease, so I'm now strictly gluten free which has hit our food budget a bit, but I've lightened up on my penny pinching to spend more on food anyway as enjoying good food is important to us.

    In January we Marie Kondo-ed our flat and donated and sold 10 bin bags worth of items and clothes. Our place is infinitely tidier and more welcoming - I'd recommend the process to anyone and everyone.
    It also makes you think more before buying new items - will it bring you joy or will it just be clutter in 6 months time? Helps with the spending!

    DH and I have got into D&D, so of course DH needs all the books, miniatures, maps etc, but he's been pretty MSE savvy and made a lot of things himself - though of course that meant he needed new power tools! They'll go in the shed soon enough... :p
    We're looking into building a small side business though, as he wants to make dice boxes and other wooden items, and I love planning and pdfs, so we may open an etsy store with D&D related things :)

    Now, to the future! Goals:
    • Set up a standing order to overpay £200 a month once the new fix starts
    • Keep investing £200 a month into our stocks and shares ISA
    • Repeat Marie Kondo-ing the flat to once again reflect on what's important to us
    • Switch bank account for bonus money
    • Consolidate multiple accounts to simplify long-term savings
    • Start matched betting and earn a few hundred pounds per month
    • Work even more towards a healthier attitude to balance when spending

    I think that's about it for updates. I've likely missed a few things but I can add them in another post!

    Hopefully you'll join me on my journey once more! It's nice to be back :beer:
    Originally October 2042 // Goal December 2032
    Currently at £127,500

    End of fix goal: £75,000 by September 2024
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