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Hi all,

Wanted to cover as much as possible in 1 article so if guys are lucky enough to find it then they will get squared away all at once.

Firstly regarding the tax reclaim companies that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment.

While you can do these claims yourself ( and some do ) most guys seem to be using these companies.

While most are legit there are some cowboys out there. Simply google "utax reviews" This same guy seems to pop up on military bases with different companies names. get the blokes rebates and run off with the money! Avoid on camp salesmen!

The 2 larger companies are rift refunds charging 27.5% + Vat) and Forces money (charging 25% + VAT) While this is not ideal, if you have no idea what your doing its 75% of something you would never have got i guess.

Lastly kit insurance.... It is still mind blowing to me that the MOD will allow salesmen onto camps and to force a platoon level of blokes to sign the same policy agreements while in training!

I've done some shopping about myself and best i could spot is Insignia underwriting. However have also seen another site giving 10% discount on insignia policies so if you want to check that out its well worth a quick quote. Just google forces money kit insurance discount and should find it. Good luck!

Any questions feel free to ask!


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