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Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • 3-4 weeks till offer?
    our completion date is the 8th August with the new build company we are buying off. She did say not to stress as long as her head office can see things are progressing then it's fine to extend. My husband is going to ring our broker soon to see if anything has happened.
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
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    Yeah thats what iw as told she said there not the quickest and at the moment its taking between 3-4 weeks :( im so nervous just want to know if we have the full offer accepted
  • Ohh I hope it doesn't take that long �� Not sure if i will cope... Hopefully 3-4 weeks is if they need further info! Have the taken the valuation fee yet?
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
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    No , im trying to get hold of our mortgage advisor today to find out why she said within 2 days? Do they only take it when theyv looked at your application? Feel like its a bad sign, our advisor visited us monday night said should be within 2 days i think.
  • Ohh I wouldn't take it as a bad sign... I think it's more of an automatic thing but I might be wrong. I'm sure we will both be fine as we fit there criteria :)
    It's awful waiting!! I was hoping to hear if there was a date for valuation soon.
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
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    It is awful waiting, did you get a decision in principal accepted too? Im just hoping from that it can only mainly be good :(
  • Yes got the dip there and then so got all documents needed and went to brokers office and he applied for full on Sunday. Guessing the would have recieved it on Monday as its all through the system. Just waiting on the answer then all systems go. Not sure when the send there valuation person tho "/
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
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    All differer t we were told be 5 days before it was even looked at after they got it as there so busy at the moment :/
  • Ohh maybe they aren't going to look until next week then!! :(
    The Unknown is awful... One minute we are at the house picking out flooring and then panicking we aren't getting accepted lol
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
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    Oh exactly the same iv just got off the phine were picking are kitchen tommorow but i go from one minute excited then thinking wjat if it isnt my kitchen! Going to try stay positive now :(
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