Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • Ohh what documents did they ask for? It's awful this wait!! You should know soon then if it's taken this long, surely? If we sent documents to them (email) when do you think they will look at it again? X
  • Has anyone's credit score gone down since the appliction. Just checked my noddle report and it's gone down by 60 points which puts me in the poor range :(
    I haven't missed any payments and everything's still green? X
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    Hello, my credit score went down by the similar amount, the declaration we were emailed. Just had confirmation they want dates of my last house move then they will instruct the valuation on the house, does anyone know if this is a good sign or bad or if they are likely to do the valuation then turns us down?
  • Hi Linz!! I would say a good sign.. Like you said be silly them sending them to value your house if they didn't think they would accept you :)
    How many days was your wait between sending declaration and then valuation? Xx
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    They have asked for 1 more month bank statements from my partner, do you think thats ok? Wonder why just one Month? Also if we sent that today is it normally another 4/5 days till they look at that again?
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    We were asked for an extra month when it went into another month, I would say 2 weeks between sending the declaration and now still waiting for them to book the valuation!! Eeek!!!
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    So you still havnt been told if accepted? I think we did the decloration when our broker came out to us, what is the declaration like? Feel like its going to be ages
  • Hi just a quick update. Persimmons hadn't told us that the valuer had been to the property on Monday. We sent emailed the extra bank statement and declaration (declaration was asking if want want fees added to mortgage) to the broker on Monday. Valuation cameback ok and we had our mortgage offer this morning ����������
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    Well we had our valuation on Tuesday and they confirmed yesterday that all was fine. HTB lost the original paperwork so have had to resubmit that as well but broker thinks we should have our offer by Tuesday! So excited! Still feels like ages to wait though!
  • Hi jade Charles

    I've just read this thread and see you have an offer, if you don't mind me asking, what is you historic position re credit status?

    I'm in the process of applying and I'm worried in case I won't get accepted. I have a few defaults older than 3 years but one just over a year.
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