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Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • Lindzi - how did u evidence the gifted deposit? I'm getting mines from my parents and wonder what they ask for?
  • Linzi987Linzi987 Forumite
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    We got a template online and filled the details in, the main points is relationship between you and who is gifting plus they don't want the money back and they hold
    No proportion of the property etc. :)
  • Does he person providing the gift need to show evidence, like a savings account bank statement?
  • Linzi987Linzi987 Forumite
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    No not at all :)
  • jen1301jen1301 Forumite
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    We are also in the process of waiting for an offer from precise, hopefully!

    Our broker submitted out application on the 27th of July. Valuation was done on Friday 5th Aug which came back fine, and yesterday they asked for another document, which our broker already had.

    It's 2 weeks tomorrow since the application went in and it feels like forever! I just want to know either way.

    *fingers crossed*
  • jen1301jen1301 Forumite
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    Hilda12345 wrote: »
    Does he person providing the gift need to show evidence, like a savings account bank statement?

    We didn't have to show a statement to precise, just a letter from the giftor, but if they haven't already, your solicitor will probably ask for a statement and letter too. Ours have been very thorough in verifying where the money has come from due to anti laundering laws etc.
  • abi34abi34 Forumite
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    Hi, guys

    What a fantastic way to start the weekend ! We have got the mortgage offer today! ! It's been a long wait but we'll worth it! .. 7 weeks to offer because they looked at our file with a fine tooth comb , and they have a 5 day turn around time every time you submit paperwork it goes to the back of the pile .. were really happy , relief finally! 🎉🎉

    Good luck guys and keep us updated on here . :beer:

    "Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each".. ;):cool:
  • Congrats Biggie165....please for you. What additional information did they ask for throughout that 7 weeks? I'm only on week two but already itching! Ha
  • abi34abi34 Forumite
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    Hi, hilda

    We had to give 4 months wage slips, 4 months bank statements , Because it went into another month, we gave p60 for previous year , and the year before that too. We also had to give p60 for the additional job i had for the previous tax year that's just gone , also wage slips for that job , also few wage slips for my main employment when I first started just nearly 2 years now . Proof of id , proof of deposit as some Was gifted . Gifted deposit letter , bank statements those gifting. Etc .. Because they have a turn around time of 5 working days , every time they ask for more documents it takes you to the back of the pile again , so you lose a week ! So requesting documents 4 x will mean straight 28 days altogether as an example, they request documents stage by stage, following their system i believe , it's normal and just takes time , what else can delay is when they ask for document it may take you few days to submit back so you looking at 10-12 days turnaround before they even see it ! So time just goes so quick ! But their customer service is brilliant , we spoke to them direct once for an update and they was very helpful . Overall rate them because of our adverse they are willing to help , although it takes time , it's worth being patient , what stage are you on at the moment ? If you don't mind me asking Where are you with your application ? And how is your credit file ? A big positive is if you been in your current employment more than 3 years , stability is what they look for , and how well you manage your account and how much savings you have left over you have purchased your new house , they prefer to see clients who have emergency backup money just in case something goes wrong which I don't wish on anyone , good luck and all the best .:)
    "Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each".. ;):cool:
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Hi guys sorry to gate crash your thread but just wanted to congratulate you on your mortgage offers!! You give me hope... We've been in rented accommodation for years with the belief that nobody would touch us with our defaults and debts - we've been working hard to squash our outstanding debts and now most of our defaults are pretty historic. My score is rubbish but I know that doesn't count for anything to the lender. I have used a payday loan a few times but won't be touching them ever again now. Once the last of our debts are settled we'll have a lot more disposable cash to put towards a deposit. Baby steps to our own home, hopefully :)

    Out of interest, do Precise only accept larger deposits and not 5/10%

    Good luck in your new homes! I'll be following this thread to keep up to date! :)
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