Wedding less than 15 guests - ideas please?

Only have a small family and few close friends so wedding party will be a max of 15 inc bride and groom.
Hiring a hall seems too much as it will be half empty, so ideas we have had so far include:

A party at home in garden after (weather permitting)
A big meal at a resturant right after (not sure if that will be quite 'celebration enough')

Your thoughts please and ideas?



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    We did similar but for 26 - wedding was at local National Trust house with drinks on lawn whilst pics were taken followed by exclusive use of excellent local restaurant with all transport laid on

    Whole lot came in at less than £2.5k (and could have been cheaper) and is still talked about years later

    We also did a garden BBQ for friends the weekend after
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    I found loads of places that were too small for us when I was looking last summer! Try places like museums (esp. small local ones) with nice gardens/small function rooms. I discovered all sorts of places once I started looking. It depends on what sort of thing you want to do, as 15 is quite a small number, but you could make it really fabulous for not very much money for that number. Can't think of the other sorts of venues I came across off the top of my head - will edit if I do :)
  • There are loads of country inns and pubs that have 'side rooms.' We had my sister's 40th at one a while back at somewhere similar to these I am posting below... There was 40 of us, but you can get different sized side rooms. Check out the pubs and inns in your town. Here's a few examples of what I mean...




    And congratulations! :D
    cooeeeeeeeee :j :wave:
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    As above private room in a restaurant or hotel would be a good option. Though your idea of a party in the garden sounds great, you could hire a small marque if worried about the weather.
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    Years ago a friend told me about his cousins wedding which was more like a get together of both the bride and grooms family for a long weekend at a centre/retreat.

    There was something for all ages to do, crafts - candle making, jewellery etc, sports - fishing, golf, off road vehicles etc, walks both gardens and woodlands

    The actual wedding was a blessing under a tall tree on the grounds where everyone was staying on the last day.
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    Without knowing where you are or you budget - what about a pod on the London Eye? I believe you can hire them. Then dinner at the Shard (or some other nearby) restaurant, or on the river.
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    We are trying to spend the minimum but still have a day to remember, ensuring the guest have a great day too. We both feel that saving money on this for other things beyong this day is very important.We have big plans after we are married that will need funding.
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    We went the garden route as was only expecting around 20

    I borrowed table and chairs and tablecloths Decorated the garden with helium balloons. Used great big bows on the backs of chairs. Hired cutlery, crockery and glasses. Ordered a buffet from waitrose that was delivered 30 mins before we left for the registrars office. Bought shed loads of wine, beer and soft drinks on special offers in the lead up

    The registry office was beautiful as were the grounds so plenty of photo opportunities. It was a gloriously hot July day and we had a ball. Good friends, good food and beautiful weather. Was a fantastic day. Whole lot, including wedding clothes and flowers came in at less then £1k
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    You can go on a boat cruize and 15 people will be a perfect number for the cruize.They will cater for u and u will enjoy o special day
  • Yes, I'm still thinking reg office and garden party at the moment as being the best option. Will check out the buffet from waitrose and get the garden tody and sorted! Thanks
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