Does everyones PIP get sent to capita ?

Sent of my sons PIP application last week (I am his appointee he is 20), received a letter today from capita to say his application has been sent to them, does this mean that he will deffo have to go for an interview?

I think if he does it is silly as I have sent all the medical evidence off with the application as well as social worker report and genetics report and a print out from GP outlining his medical conditions
My son has autism, diabetes, severe learning disability, severe behavioural problems as well as a very rare genetic disorder which is a deletion of part of his chromosome 6, he needs 24 hour care and cannot be left on his own.

Will they now make a decision using that evidence or will they want to see him?

Any advice is very welcome
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    Hi Sammy
    I'm my sons appointee too and I had his indefinite dla to pip application in February.
    I sent his form back and then I had a phone call from a nurse at Capita who said that she had read all the info that had been sent and that she wasn't going to call my son for a face to face (phew)!

    She asked me a few questions.

    Four weeks later I got the decision enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility for an ongoing period.

    I think if they have enough info from your form and any reports that you send then they can make a paper based assessment. I hope it goes well for you.
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    Thanks for that toomuchinfo, I have no problem taking him for interview I just don't see the point when his disability is never going to change
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    Mine was sent to and assessed by ATOS, it depends on the area you are in.

    I did read somewhere that ATOS are more likely to send people for medicals but i can't say thats true for certain. Same thing i read said Capita are more likely to do home visits so that might be something to consider if he is called for one. Hopefully with all the information and evidence you have sent it wont be necessary but sometimes they feel they need to do a medical to get a better idea of how it affects the person claiming.

    Wishing you the bets of luck either way :)
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    Thankyou messedup
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  • Mine have always been atos
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