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Hi all,

I've had a look at a few other threads but none have really helped direct me in my decision so I was hoping for some advice from others.

Firstly, my circumstances. I have saved a decent amount that is split between high interest earning current accounts and high interest regular savers. After paying out all my monthly expenses and putting money aside for saving, I have around £250 left over. £100-150 I tend to use for paying for hobbies, dinner with the gf etc. through the month. The other £100-150 I'm looking to invest in a S&S ISA.

What I'm looking for is people's experiences of the multitude of investment platforms out there. I think I would like more control than something like Moneyfarm would perhaps offer but does anyone have any experience with using it?

What other experiences do people have with other platforms and would they recommend them?

I could invest £500 or so as a lump sum if needed for a particular platform required it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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    i have just started to eeffectivly dabble in this, Kind of as an experiemnt for a year,

    I was getting 3% in the santender 1-2-3 minus the £5 fee,

    i have now put the money into a barclays stocks and shares isa,

    divided the money /5 , picked 5 funds i thought may do well , technology, japan market etc etc
    and will see after a year how it goes ( im aware these are long term investment so may fall one year, rise the next etc)

    In fact its interesting to see, one fund started at £999.80 and is now worth £1060 so im up £50 in 3 months
    2 others have gone down by £10
    another up by £2

    at the end of the day its riskier than cash and guaranteed 3% , but will ses how it goes,
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