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I have £6,000 ELC funding. (£2,000 per year for 3 years).
I'm out of the forces now. I've been looking at some of the IT courses. They are mostly distance learning courses, which suites me as I know T+S is not included in the funding.

Does anyone have any experience and / or advice on which of these courses are any good?
Any that should be avoided?
I don't know much about IT - but I'd like to start my own business and I think that improving my IT skills would be helpful. Also would like to have something worthwhile on my CV.
I don't want to waste my funding.

Also been looking at some business courses, but again still unsure which ones are worth doing.

I know this is a bit vague, but would be grateful for any advice and / or experience.



  • PenbeePenbee Forumite
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    First thing to do is find out if the provider is registered with ELCAS. This can be done on the ELCAS website.

    You can do a search based on subject. It's worth researching the provider as there are some who know how the funding works but don't give you very good value for money.

    With anything you need to be clear about what you want to do. Research and identify your goal. You don't have to be original with your idea you just have to be better than the person/organisation currently doing it.
  • MrCiviMrCivi Forumite
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    Thanks. I will speak to a few of the IT course providers.
    At the moment, my plans are vague because my original intended courses have run into problems.
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