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Modifications to garden needed for disabled boy

Hi all - I have been researching funding for a little boy who has Cerebral Palsy, he wishes to get outside in the garden a bit more in his walker... a fantastic opportunity for him to be a bit more active and gain some independence. I came across the Disabled Facilities Grant but understand this to be for modifications to the home, not the outdoor area.
Does anybody have any advice on this? Or know of anywhere that he may be able to apply to for funding support? Your help would be much appreciated!


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    Have you tried these? They helped me. I had to get a letter from my doctor to prove my disability and you have to become a member (which is free if you are disabled)
  • Thank you so much mrcol1000 for this information - I've never heard of these but it looks fab! I will be sure to contact them and see if they can help. Thanks again!!
  • We had a garden makeover last year for my disabled son. Wellchild are a brilliant charity who fund all costs, and use volunteers to do the work, with the help of a staff member.

    I applied at the end of September, received a visit in November after being shortlisted, and then heard that we were successful in December (all 2014). The work was carried out over two days last May - prior to that, I had another visit. The work could only be carried out if volunteers could be found, so if you know any local companies that might help, it's worth mentioning them. SpeedyHire sent volunteers to do out garden.

    We were asked if we would allow publicity, and had a contract to sign, but everything was explained clearly. My son particularly wanted to grow carrots. We all benefit from the garden, and grow carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, plums, pears, strawberries, beans, peppers, courgettes and lettuce. The lawn is artificial grass, and my son has a water and sand play table that doubles as a potting table. He was delighted to appear in the local paper:

    He didn't see the garden until it was finished, which was something requested by Wellchild. He knew it was happening though.

    Wellchild and SpeedyHire did a fantastic job. It was heaving with rain and the garden flooded whilst they were working, but they managed to transform our garden.

    Good luck.
  • kingfisher blue this is absolutely brilliant!!! Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to let me know this info - very exciting! Watch this space!!
  • I'm going out now, but PM me with your email address if you want to see any photos. I've never worked out how to post them on MSE. The photo in the link doesn't really show the garden.
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