Convenient small car or van for mobility scooter

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    Thanks Easy - sorry for the delay in replying.

    Yes I have used shop mobility a few years ago. There are two towns that have it - both 20 miles away in different directions, but I don't drive that far these days.

    I'm in rural Wales so not much of anything around locally. I shall look into those second hand hoists, thanks.

    Have just been trying to find out the weight of 'portable ramps' as there is no point in looking for a car that suits them if they are too heavy for me - might as well just try for a lighter scooter.

    So not sure for now which car to go for or new scooter etc. Its not that I want to be out every day as with ME I can go weeks without feeling like doing anything, but its good to have the option on the odd occasion I do drive out - but cannot afford vast amounts on it.
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    I don't know if you've already found it, but this site is good for explaining the options for hoists, and ramps, and all kinds of things:
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    Have you thought about a transportable electric wheelchair? They do cost more but leave your arms rested and one hand free, fit in more places and so on..

    I've used boot scooters and transportable chairs. The decent ramps are quite heavy in my eyes and you need to have enough space behind to get them out then turning space for scooter to line it up.. i found the whole thing quite tricky even with help and soon abandoned the idea. But you might have more success.

    I've seen hoists in action and they are fast and I was very impressed but felt you needed quite a big car.

    The disadvantage of transportable wheelchairs is you still have to lift them into the boot, they do come apart but the 'heaviest bit' can still be quite heavy.

    Have you thought about a used Wheelchair vehicle.. I had a kango for a while, it looked horrendous but the ramp was counter weighted and folded in and out easily and with slope on inside floor it didnt stick out as much.. could drive straight in with both scooter or wheelchair and tie down an dhead off... however the disadvantage is you do need to be quite mobile and flexible to fit the tie down straps.. again i had help.

    If you don't drive that often and it is only short journeys is it actually worth having a car, insurance, MOT, and upkeep worries rather than just using a local taxi company? I know its a great feeling of independence to drive but is it worth the extra costs and tasks.

    This is what we opted for in the end and the local company know me and that I come with wheels and send a suitable sized car. The drivers we talk to say they often lift and assemble scooters for passengers. This meant we could spend more on getting me a comfortable transportable chair so I could do more away from the car.
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    Thanks Ames - yes funnily enough I was on the rica site last night.

    Cyclamen - all good points. Sounds like you had a better ramp on your vehicle than the one I tried.

    Yes being out in the 'sticks' we definitely need a car for hubby visiting elderly mum and drs visits etc. Have never considered a taxi at all so thanks for the suggestion.
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    I was on a ramp website last night and asked for their suggestions - which was 7 ft ramps (!) but each weighs about 9kg - so will have to see what I think about that!
    Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. -- Sally Koch
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