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Stolen Horses

in Pets & pet care
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ripplyukripplyuk Forumite
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A friend's two horses have gone missing and almost certainly have been stolen. Everywhere local has been checked but I'm wondering if anyone knows other places to try. Is there any way of notifying sale yards just in case they end up there? Or just to put the word out as far as possible. Any help or advice would be appreciated. She's absolutely devastated.


  • ElsewhereElsewhere Forumite
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    There's a Facebook group for horse related crime in my area - it would probably be worth posting on there and I expect there are similar groups in other regions
  • orlaoorlao Forumite
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    Get the news out on Facebook with pictures and ask for everyone to share.
    Notify the police, local and surrounding councils (because they are the people who are called to pick up loose horses if they have wandered or been dumped).
    Put flyers up on lamp posts, tack stores, feed merchants and local yards but FB is often the replacement for this now TBH.
    Also, notify the passport issuer and insurance company.

    Basically make them too hot to handle!

    THe other thing I will say is has been there been a really through search of the local area? Horses have a special talent of getting stuck in really bizarre places and quite often their pal will stay with them which may not be taken into account when 2 have gone missing and it's assumed they have been stolen. Those little camera drones can help with this but nothing beats a well organised search party.

    Good luck.
  • ripplyukripplyuk Forumite
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    I've just heard from her that both have been found :T

    I don't know any details yet but it doesn't sound like they were nearby. She did put them on Facebook and everybody shared it. I think that may have been the reason she's got them back. I'm so relieved for her. I just kept imagining how I'd feel if it had been my horse. I've never been a great fan of Facebook but it's brilliant for this sort of thing. Very sad though, when you see how many pets are going missing each day.
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