Two income household: 2xTax + 2xNI



  • I'm not sure which part of the word 'no' the OP doesn't understand :rotfl:
  • I don't think the OP means benefits in the way most people do (USA, HB, etc). I think that maybe they mean can they benefit from paying less tax or NI as both contribute. I might be wrong though.
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    I think it's likely the OP is from the USA.

    My husband and I lived there for 5 years, and alongside his salary he received a "benefits package" which included private health and dental care etc. It's common there for employees to take a job with a lower salary for a better benefits package. This turned out to be a huge plus for us as we went out there as two perfectly fit and healthy fourty-somethings and my husband ended up needing a hip replacement and I needed surgery and reconstruction for a facial cancer whilst we were there. This was all covered by husband's benefits package thank goodness.

    I think the meaning of the word "benefits" is what's causing the confusion here.

    In answer to the OP if that's the case the "benefits" you may receive from your tax & NI contributions will be free NHS healthcare and NHS dental treatment, alongside the public services already mentioned.
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    I think the o/p's question is also being misunderstood as regards benefits. Think he means the NHS etc.
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