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BT Pole / Wayleave

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David&GoliathDavid&Goliath Forumite
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When I first moved to my current home (about 20 years ago), I agreed to a wayleave for BT to keep a pole in my garden which I do not use, but my neighbours do. I no longer want this pole in my garden. Can I cancel the wayleave and request that the pole is removed? I believe that BT were looking to remove it anyway at some point (as it is in a poor state), but quite some time has passed and nothing has happened and I would now like to take action to speed things up.

Any advice would be appreciated :)


  • mije1983mije1983 Forumite
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    What does your agreement say about termination?

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    BT would charge you for this, and it would be very expensive
  • onomatopoeia99onomatopoeia99 Forumite
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    The wayleave exists in perpituity, it cannot be cancelled from your side. Further, anyone buying your house in the future will have to sign it in order to complete the purchase.

    Went through this when I bought my home, which has a pole from which electric cables supply mine and neighbouring properties. I get about £3/year for the use of my land (the deeds say one shilling).
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