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Octopus Energy reviews: Give your feedback

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  • Have just started the process of switching energy suppliers via MSE for the first time - on the promise of saving £307 a year - let's hope it all works smoothly!
  • Just started the switch today. I'ts more money than my cuurrent EDF tariff but that was the cheapest tariff for many years. It was an MSE Cheap Energy Club collective deal last year. I've been in contact with Octopus by phone and email. They have been very quick to respond and answered all my queries very clearly. The switch takes 17 days to complete including the 14 day cool off period. I'll update how things are going.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
  • Got 3 emails today. One from the CEO of Octopus thanking me for choosing Octopus and explaining about the company. One explaining about referring other people and getting cash back as follows "We'd love it if you told your friends about us. While you're at it, get a £15 cash back for each referral, for both you and your friend!" and one with my start date, (15th May), direct debit arrangements and a couple of attachments. One is the terms and conditions and the other is a welcome on-board with full tariff information for gas and electricity. This one has a link to create a password for my account. I clicked the link, set my password and checked out my details. Everything is looking good. I'll update how things are going.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
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    nats04nats04 Forumite
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    I signed up for Octopus on Thursday night (27 April) and so far I'm really impressed! The website is simple and straightforward, their emails are also very clear.

    My savings are estimated at about £160 per year, but my main reason for switching was the whole attitude and ethos of this company. It's just so refreshing!
    Fingers crossed the switch goes well. I've been told to submit a meter reading on 9th May and they even send a handy calendar reminder! My service start date is May 14th. I will post an update once everything is switched.

    **Update Sunday 30th April: received emails from British Gas confirming that my new supplier has contacted them to make the switch and providing estimated bills.
  • I'm new to MSE forums and noticed that the Avatars aren't visible against members names. It was annoying me so I experimented to find a fix, which I did. If your interested,

    I've been trying things out. The skin that you get when you register, "Use Forum Default (recommended)", (the blue skin), doesn't display the MSE pre-defined images even though one is selected by default. It does however show a custom Avatar that you upload. The skin that I switched to, "New masthead, fixed width (recommended), (the green skin), shows all Avatars. That's why members using the blue skin can't see pre-defined Avatars created on the green skin. I've tried everything I can think of to get the blue skin to show pre-defined Avatars but I can't get it to work. I've sent a message to "Technical Problems" hoping they can offer a solution. If anyone reading this is having the same problem I recommend swithing to the green skin, "New masthead, fixed width (recommended) . It looks a lot different but it works better and once you get to know it you won't go back. You can easily switch back from the green skin via "User CP" in the green bar if you can't get happy with it. That takes you to "Your Profile" where you can make the changes.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
  • Had quite a lot of feedback surveys. Ok if you don't mind doing them but I'm still in the cool off period so there's nothing that matters to report / feedback. I am still very happy with Octopus.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
  • Got email reminder to put meter readings in yesterday, 10/05/2017. I had the option of entering the readings in the email itself but I have already got my log on, to my account so I put them in there. Shortly after that I got an email reminding me about my direct debit details. I can't fault them up to now.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
  • I signed up to switch from EDF last week whilst on holiday, so been doing some research. I emailed octopus to clarify a few things, and they got back each time really quickly. I have an economy7 meter which caused a problem cause EDF take both readings and combine so charge me one tariff. There new tariff is far to expensive. I have no use for E7. So as soon as the switch is completed they will arrange to change my meter. They charge £50, even adding that to the cost is still going to save me on my current provider by at least £20pm on their new tariff. Hoping it all goes smoothly.
  • sheff6107sheff6107 Forumite
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    All went smoothly except they've nabbed £88 because 'it's nice to have a bit of credit'. So with paying off my old supplier I'm down £200 this month.
  • My switch completed today, 15/May/2017. No problems, very efficient, very good communications and customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending Octopus.

    In response to sheff6107, it will have been made clear to you that the first direct debit would be taken upfront giving you adequate warning to budget for it.
    Thanks for reading. Live long & prosper
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