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    A very interesting thread and came up at a great time as when the initial post was made I was just deciding whether I should apply for a second card in one weekend.

    We're having building works done and my thoughts are to stooze as much as possible of the costs of the work (via balance transfer and purchase cards) for as long as possible. I can't pay my builder by credit card and the cost of the works far exceeds our day to day spending so I guess I need a clarity card to withdraw some cash into my bank and to start reading up for the best way to get more cash into my account and more balance onto my cards.

    I wasn't quite as brave as the OP and only did 5 applications in one weekend (3 for me 2 for OH so actually not very brave at all) but all were accepted and I'be just done another one today which has also been accepted [STRIKE]and I think I might just do another couple now and see what happens.[/STRIKE] - cancel that. no more till all existing ones full.

    It is a bit scary how easy it is to get credit though !
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    that is an interesting one! :j
  • SuzieSue
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    Last Monday I applied for the following cards (all 0% balance transfer and 0% BT fee )

    Barclaycard given credit limit of £18,000
    Lloyds given credit limit of £10,000
    Virgin given credit limit of £4,100
    Sainsburys accepted but not yet told credit limit.

    I thought the same as the OP that if I applied for them all at once then they wouldn't show up on my credit file.

    I already had the following cards with the following balances which are all 0% BT cards except Tesco which is the only card I use for purchases:

    Halifax £9,000
    Santander £3,500
    AA £5,000
    Tesco £4,000

    I was very surprised to get accepted for all the cards as my credit rating on Noddle isn't great but it is good on Experian.

    I couldn't access the Barclaycard online services and so I had to ring them. I'm glad I did because I asked them to confirm that there was no BT fee on the card and the person I spoke to said that there was a 2% fee. I then spoke to the manager and he confirmed that there was a fee but he agreed to waive it when I said that I had applied for the card with no fee.

    I also had to chase the Lloyds cc today as I hadn't heard anything from them at all even though they had given me a credit limit of £7,000 during the application process. They said that I hadn't completed the application and so I had to apply again. I'm glad I did as this time they gave me a £10,000 limit for some reason. I was worried that I would be rejected as they would be able to see the other credit cards I had applied for, but it didn't seem to matter.

    I should add that I in my late 40s and so have held credit cards from all the above providers in the past, however I have never paid a penny in interest so I am surprised that they keep giving me 0% BT cards.
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    as long as you need access all those limits at the same time then applying on the same day can get around being offered lower limits on any one card.
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    to the folk here to have done the multiple applications on the same day, can i ask how bad a hit did your meaningless noddle score and clearscore went down by, was it just a blip or did it drop like a rock to the floor ?
  • swindiff
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    I am the OP of this thread so you can see how much I applied for. On Clearscore my score was 536 in May. Since then I applied for the aforementioned credit cards and also about 10 bank accounts. My score fell to 510 in June, then 492 in July, now it seems to be on the up again as in August its 507.

    Noddle don't give a history so cant be sure what it was. Currently fair, 3/5 584. Know it was Excellent 5/5 cant remember the actual score.
  • Pauluss
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    Thanks @swindiff for the detailed reply, very insightful.

    Im keen to build my credit file for a mortgage in a 3-5 years time and had planned to get a new credit card every six months well spaced applications

    I'm currently
    Clearscore 444/700
    Noddle 5/5 632

    My main bank account is Nationwide 10years +
    Flex Direct with £500 overdraft (over draft has never been used in 2 years)

    Both nationwide overdraft, NW credit card and NW loans came pre-selected and didn't leave hard search on my credit file.

    I have
    Loan : Nationwide loan @ 4.6% APR £8,000 (x6 months paid up )

    CC's (all zero balance)
    Luma/CapOne CC £200 limit
    Vanquis CC £250 limit
    Aqua CC £2800 limit
    Nationwide CC £5500 limit

    Littlewoods catalogue £1100 limit
    Jacamo account £500 limit
    Next account £900 limit

    (ALL of the above have zero balance and paid in full each month.
    Each account used at least once a month and carried to statement date before paying in full)

    When reading this thread, i'm thinking is not just best now to fire x6 applications all at once off to the big boys at once Barclaycard. MBNA, halifax, virgin, HSBC, Lloyds
    (ALL these x6 above show as 90% - 95% chance of being successful via MSE soft application tool)

    If i do the multiple applications
    When it comes to the mortgage they will been a long time 3 years plus in the past

    Any advice ?? or am i best just leaving things as they are and not apply for anything more ?
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    Really interesting post, albeit a little scary for me lol, thank you for sharing swindiff.

    Just one thing, when you say you applied for them all at once, did you complete each one in turn, or did you fill out all the application criteria for each CC so you had them all ready at the same time, and then hit 'SUBMIT' on each one as quickly as possible?
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  • swindiff
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    I just did one after the other. It takes weeks for the information to make its way to the CRA's
  • Mysteek
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    Oh right thanks. Sorry if it sounded a daft question, I'm new to all this stoozing stuff.
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