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Daily Mail holidays

Hey forumites.

We’d love to know if you have any feedback on Daily Mail £15 holidays, such as:

- If you’ve been on a holiday before, did you like it and did you have any issues?
- Have you found a cheaper deal elsewhere?

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  • SymanSyman Forumite
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    I have booked a few weeks away using the Daily Mail/Breakfree promotions.

    Other than the initial booking process through breakfree all other requests and or queries were direct with the holiday park, be it Haven, Park Resorts or Park Hols. (these are the only sites i have personally used.

    In all cases, and we may have "lucked out", we have received accommodation that at the very least has met our expectations, and occasionally exceeded them.

    Similarly for the onsite facilities and entertainment usually at least as good as we expected. With one exception where the swimming pool was very small.

    Price wise, because i am limited to school hols, due to my working in a school, i have not managed to better the price, even with the add-ons, such as linen and entertainment passes. I understand some off peak hols may be cheaper if booked direct.
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  • sillyvixensillyvixen Forumite
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    Never again - booked 3 years ago for ilfracombe .. contacted a week later to say no longer available as the site had withdrawn offer... as message recieved during the working day on the home number it was too late to sort anything after hours, we also received confirmation of a booking for Cornwall with a different booking no (i.e. someone else's holiday).. took 3 hours of phone calls to sort something out the next day!. Told Cornwall details were sent out in error and not our holiday .. even sent to our address and in husband's name (thought this would be the case due to booking ref). Suggested isle of white would be closest (idiot on phone did not realise ferry would be needed and seemed surprised it was an island), suggested skegness was down south!! Eventually we were offered Bogner Butlins, and accepted - big mistake, Chav central

    Rather forgo cheap second holiday and just have a decent one.
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    elsienelsien Forumite
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    Used them three times and always had a good experience. They're better than the sun deals if there's only two of you, as the price is per person whereas with the sun deals there's an under occupancy rate.
    The caravans have been clean, newish and reasonably stocked, I take my own bedding, and park facilities are irrelevant as I just use it as a base to explore the local area. Last years was £80 for 4 nights near Great Yarmouth for two people. You'd be lucky to get one night in a bed and breakfast for that.
    I always check the site on TripAdvisor before booking and the sites usually have 4 or 5 stars. I think if as you long as you have realistic expectations of a holiday park, you should be fine.
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  • Louise1981taylorLouise1981taylor Forumite
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    Hi There am new to the DM holidays and wondered if anyone had a unique ref spare at all?

    Thanks in Advance
  • susancssusancs Forumite
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    Hi There am new to the DM holidays and wondered if anyone had a unique ref spare at all?

    Thanks in Advance

    You don't need a spare unique ref, you just look up the passwords that were in the newspaper to book online. You can find them published usually on hotukdeals. Here is the link for the Autumn and spring holidays.
  • susancssusancs Forumite
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    Lucia, I have booked a couple of holidays at Park Resorts using this offer. Friends have also booked breaks. We all have enjoyed them and found them to be a very cheap holiday. We were lucky to get school holidays for Easter and one year they also included summer holiday dates at £15 per person, per break at Park resorts Romney Sands. The beach was across the road and there was a little steeam train line that had a stop in the park.

    We went one Easter to the Isle of wight and used it as a base for exploring.
  • They are not unique codes they are just a word, same in every paper for a given day. anyone got five they are willing to share?
  • essex_boyessex_boy Forumite
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    colschmoll wrote: »
    They are not unique codes they are just a word, same in every paper for a given day. anyone got five they are willing to share?

    In the past they was individual but not this promotion
    You'll find all 5 codes posted in this thread
  • Booked my weekend and accidentally picked the wrong park

    I went onto the site and the place i wanted to go was Berwick upon tweed i paid my money via paypal and got my email thru only to discover i picked a park in yorkshire,nearly 6 hr drive.
    An easy mistake i contacted the DailMail, they werent interested, said i would need to contact haven, contacted Haven and the girl said theyre was nothing they could do without the booking code i get in 2 weeks but even then they couldnt do anything, non-cancelable.
    Emailed the Daily Mail and basically go the same thing again, the only thing that was offered was why dont you give it to someone that could go instead.
    it was for 3 days, id have to drive nearly 6hrs to get to the caravan park in Yorkshire from central scotland.
    i am absolutely gutted, ive lost £83 and no one wants to do anything to help, a very honest mistake clicking the wrong park.
    Even if i wait the 2 weeks for confirmation from the caravan park theyll be no holidays left in Berwick upon tweed.
    I think there policies are terrible.

    i just dont no what to do apart from lose all that money, it was suppose to be a nice deal, now im out of pocket.

  • Hi,
    I’ve been using the daily mail holidays for years, i use to use the sun but the daily mail was better due to being able to pick your own destination and date but im really disappointed in them recently.
    I went on and booked a weekend away for me and the wife to go to Berwick upon tweed but accidentally picked Haven Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire, for me to travel here would take 6hrs and that’s not including the bad traffic.
    It’s really too far to go for 3 days and the diesel alone would add a good bit onto the weekend away. I’ve been to the Daily Mail and they told me no cancellations, no amendments and I would need to contact Haven when the booking came in, I’ve tried them also and they said the same and said I would need to go to the Daily Mail.
    Basically, there just both not interested in helping out, it was an easy mistake, I clicked the wrong park and when my receipt came in from PayPal I realised the mistake I made.
    I never wanted my money back just swap to the right park, now I’ve lost £83 which was the upfront cost and I also can’t pick a weekend away as the dates I wanted are used up on most suitable choices.
    So, I suppose this is a word of warning to anyone making a mistake, they won’t help you and im down a lot of money. Unless someone has a suggestion, I’ve been told I can transfer it but there’s no one I know from my area that would want to go that distance.:(
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