Preparing for moving day. Any moneysaving tips?

I've finally got my date for moving!

Apart from the obvious such as notifying the utility companies and everyone that has my address - what else can I be doing in preparation which will save money?

So far, I've sorted my house insurance and am ploughing thru the list of people to change my address with. I'm gradually de-cluttering and either selling, donating or binning stuff no longer needed.

I'm specifically looking for tips on how to deal with removals firms. I've never used one before but have no choice this time. I don't know what to expect price wise especially.
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  • Hi,

    I hired a van for the weekend and 2 laberors to help me move. 3 trips in one day cost me a totlal of £200. It was well worth it.
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    Agree with above. I had quote to move from a 3 bed terraced to go 10miles for £570inc vat and insurance.

    In the end I hired a 7.5tonne lorry (£70) and bunged a mate £60 to help me for the day.
    It took careful planning to get everything in the lorry. We put beds and couches and large similar stuff in first squashed up tight. Tied washing line rope across it to secure it. Next in - white goods and stuff of similar weight. Got to consider braking hard in the lorry and having everything move about!
    It was a hard days graft. We broke a thin spindle on the back of a dining room chair - a bit of wood glue repaired it fine. The saving could have covered it easily.

    Start collecting boxes!!
    Get your fridge/freezer dry!!
    Have some friends help box up stuff. We found who our true friends were that week!!
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  • We moved a few months ago, and got a small, reliable, no frills moving Company, £400 to move a 3 bedroomed house. Due to work commitments, and personal health issues, a moving Company it had to be, and considering all those factors, I don't think the £400 was excessive, for 1 van and 3 movers.

    They actually told us that our household insurance would cover a move, and would be cheaper than their quoted insurance. We confirmed this with our insurers prior to the move.

    We moved our garden stuff in the back of an estate car, as this pushes up a moving quote as the movers cannot load anything on top of pot plants, etc. so they take up more room in the van. Again, the moving Company advised us of this.

    We also did all the packing ourselves in the weeks leading up to the move, most Companies include a certain number of boxes in their quote, and you can get extra boxes from supermarkets.

    A tip, especially if you are moving yourself, is to pack in many small boxes rather than a few large boxes. Small boxes are easy to carry by one person.

    Another packing tip, is to pack crockery on its side (well-cushioned with paper and bubble-wrap) and not flat in a box, as it puts less strain on the plates and you're less likely to have breakages.

    We packed clothing into existing suitcases (things which we didn't want to get creased) or bin liners (but buy the heavy duty ones which will not tear), and linen also went into bin liners.

    Charity shops are a good place to donate your unwanted stuff rather than moving it.

    Defrost fridges and freezers, but if you're not moving far or putting them into storage they don't have to be 100% dry (longer storage could lead to mould).

    Good luck with the move.
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  • 1) Ring round a variety of companies to find which one best suits your needs. Make sure to have prepared a list of what you have to move and then they will be able to give you a more accurate quote over the phone.

    2) Don't assume the bigger companies will automatically over a more professional service. Many of the large LTD companies use a lot of casual labour. With smaller companies with a couple of vehicles you are more likely to get the guy who owns the business actually moving you.

    3) The best way to choose a removal company is to get personal recommendations from people who have used them.

    4) The best way to save money is to be organised on the day. Make sure you have packed as much as you can before the guys arrive. Its the bits and bobs that hold the job up.

    5) Consider bringing down items from the loft and up from the cellar beforehand.

    6) Have a ruthless clerout before packing. There is no pint paying to move stuff you will never use again!

    7) Check what time you will be getting the keys to your new home. There is no point paying out for removal man to wait around for keys. Bear in mind however, what time you are expected to vacte your old property.

    8) Keep the removal guys happy by supplying them with tea and biccies. Also, if you don't want them disappearing off for a leisurely lunch, provide a few bacon butties.
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    Many thanks for the replies. Lots of good tips and some I had not thought about.

    Thanks again

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  • try to move on any day but friday the most popular!!!!
    Rates can be upto half price.
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    Not a money saving tip but a time saving one. Buut saying that time is money.

    No matter who moves you it will only be yourself and your partner who knows where you want everything to go in your new house.

    The biggest temptation when you get to your new place is to start unpacking straight away.


    Have someone stood by the front door telling the carriers which room each box and piece of furnature is going into. Dont rely on just writing it on the box as its easy to spot which room the kitchen is but things like dining room and bedroom3 often dont make as much sense.

    I have done many removals for a friend who runs a removals company and can assure you that unloading the lorry goes much much quicker when someone is always there to advise where to put things. You will also spend alot less time afterwards moving things from room to room as well which can be a right pain.
  • I have also moved many times, both here and abroad - in fact I leave here for Canada on 31st October never to return! ;D!
    My UK moves have always been DIY jobbies, this time, although we are using an international shipping company, we are doing all the boxing ourselves
    Make sure all pets and children are out of the way - but don't forget to take them with you! If you have to, that is - lol . And stay calm - just keep saying to yourself that this time next week/ month it'll all be over.
    Good Luck :D
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    Well I'm truly in the thick of it now. Everthing is arranged and on schedule for next week.

    The next bit might be better for the Vent board but....

    ...try as I did - I found it extremely difficult to find ANY local cattery to take my cat for just one DAY. I was willing to pay for the night as well - and as she is a special needs cat on a special diet she would have been self catering as I would have been providing food.

    I first went to the cattery I had used for years for my other cats - who now say they need a minimum of 3 nights booked!

    As did all other catteries within 10 miles. And this is during school term for a Monday!!

    I was just about to give up when one did finally agree to take her for the one night booking.

    Why are these people so damn greedy?

    You think they'd be glad of the business. >:(
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    OK - a couple of moneysaving tips in the run up to the big move next week.

    The list of people who have your address is endless. Not just the obvious such as all the utility companies, docotor, dentist, etc... - but how many loyalty cards and various other things are you signed up to?

    The list I've made is still growing daily - despite working my way thru most of it.

    Using the interent - log onto as many sites as possible to update your new address via their secure messaging or email facility.

    A huge thumbs down however to Halifax Bank who have been the only one - so far - to insist that I MUST attend the branch in person. This is despite my having internet banking with them and jumping thru all the security hoops that that entails just to get logged on.

    With loyalty cards that don't have a freephone number on the back - ask to use the phone in the shops themselves if customer services won't/can't do it for you.

    If you still HAVE to make phone calls that cost money - look for a freephone or local rate call number at

    Unfortunately - somethings cost money whatever - like DVLA for example - if, like me, you have a paper driving licence only to have to replace it with the now obligatory photocard type (plus you get another paper one back as well) and you need to buy the photos. At about £3 a go for 4 photos of the acceptable size - only one of which you need - it seems someone somewhere is making money out of this too.

    Not to be outdone - the Post Office offer to check your ID (where only a passport or birth certificate will do) at the counter - for a fee of £4 per person! (On yer bike!)

    The delights of Capital One are truly not to be missed. Although it is a free phone call - if you can get round the voice mail options in less than 4 minutes 11 seconds - just to be put into a queue to speak to a human - you have done well. It really excels itself however, when after having input FIVE lots of security information via the phone pad - you still need to repeat it all to the human when you eventually get through! Aaargh! Where is the moneysaving tip in all this?

    Well - Capital One - if you reduced the lengthy c**p at the beginning of the calls - the calls would be shorter and cost you less? After all, you are paying for them.
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