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MoneySaving Poll: Is the landline dead?

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  • marleyboymarleyboy Forumite
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    Albeit we do have a LL phone. The only time it rings is when cold callers phone it.It's been at least a decade since I used a LL, but are stuck with it as part of a package where it costs MORE not to have one.
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  • HappyMJHappyMJ Forumite
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    I make about one call per year using the landline.

    I need the landline for the ADSL internet as currently I've not found a competitive 4G mobile internet plan as yet. 4G mobile internet is much faster than the home internet and I would switch if I found a plan at a similar price to the landline.

    So for the next few years I would say the landline is still going to be an essential "need".

    I make 99% of calls on the mobile. We have three SIM only mobile contracts between us and the total monthly bill comes to £5.50 with unlimited calling between all the numbers. The unlimited calling add on for the home phone would cost £7.50 per month and we would still have to have a requirement for the mobiles so I don't see the point.

    Most of my calls are made through the app WhatsApp for free. All calls are free. I only use the actual dialler if I'm not in range of a 3G tower and cannot get data.
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  • belle_de_jourbelle_de_jour Forumite
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    Murphybear wrote: »
    I only use a landline, have a mobile for emergencies in the car. Must be a dinosaur:D
    I'll join you on the specially reinforced dinosaur seat!

    Like RobV I'm also in a rural area: erratic mobile reception inside and out, superfast broadband but a distant dream and not much in the way of buses . . .
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Do you have a landline just to be able to get broadband? Vote in our poll:

    That question just requires a yes/no answer option yet none of the available options enable the question to be answered accurately.

    I have a landline that gets used for calls but that is just because it is there, if broadband was available without paying for line rental I would get rid of the landline today.
  • bland450bland450 Forumite
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    This has annoyed me for years why do I have to pay for a landline to get a cheaper deal?! I'm paying £38 a month just because a want a decent speed and only virgin media can do that! Except virgin media don't look after there existing customers instead they put your bill up 12% each year! Aaaahhhhh!! Rant over!
  • birtles1010birtles1010 Forumite
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    I wonder what the % of people with a hands free landline is?? Power cut and you're sunk. Remember to keep an old phone in a cupboard somewhere or get a cheap mobile contract - mine is sim only £9.50,
  • Super_StomperSuper_Stomper Forumite
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    I am 65 and use both landline & mobile. I HAVE to have a landline because I need broadband (Lucky to have superfast fibre optic broadband where I live) but I rarely make outgoing landline calls except at weekends as I only have the free inclusive weekend calls. I get frustrated that there is an extra charge for caller display unless you renew your BT contact annually. Caller display comes free with a mobile phone!
  • jillsbjillsb Forumite
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    i use my landline all the time. I only have my mobile (bog standard little phone) for texting and calls when away from home. i would be lost without my land line
  • FitzmichaelFitzmichael Forumite
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    I'm 75. I was fortunate in 1947 in that our family was in the 10% that owned a phone and could call the ambulance that got me to hospital, where I didn't fulfil the expectation of dying from diphtheria.
    I have a mobile only so I can (and v occasionally do) call family when I'm away from home and also take calls from those who have my number, as well as for some emergency. Otherwise I use my landline to make calls, maybe 2 a day, but only need it for broadband.
    MSE should pester the Regulator about this. I also expect some comment about the effect of TalkTalk's 'scrapping' line rental, especially as only last month they prompted me to pay in advance for the next 18 months! Can anyone usefully comment on that?
  • pollypennypollypenny Forumite
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    I use the LL more than my mobile. We have TT Anytime, with free International calls, so it's convenient.

    The only person I call on a mobile to chat with us DD, as she doesn't use her LL.
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