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MoneySaving Poll: Is the landline dead?

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  • This poll doesn't have an option that the landline is still there because the ADSL requires it. I never use it to make or receive calls, it just sits there for the Internet.
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    I'm currently with Virgin Media and don't have a landline because it doesn't need it.
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  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    I think this is very much an urban liver type question........similar to "do you really need a car why not get the bus"

    Just as some rural areas may have one or two buses a day -many non urban areas have really poor mobile service so the landline is an essential.

    Me my landline makes it possible for me to work from home as for security purposes I can't use a mobile when working -I also tend not to have my mobile on all the time as I feel it is my servant I am not its slave :) The only time it is genuinely useful is when I'm out of the house or travelling.
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  • I only have a landline because I can't have my broadband without it :(

    I never use it - the actual phone is still in the loft somewhere.
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  • GollygumdropsGollygumdrops Forumite
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    I use my landline for most of my calls because my mobile reception is appalling! (Semi-rural location but not too far from a main town) Some days I have to literally hang out of the upstairs windows or stand on a chair, upstairs. How silly is that for 21st Century?

    I would be lost without my landline. Can't be the only one to suffer this problem.

    We spend a lot on our mobile phones so why aren't the big companies improving their signals
  • paulwppaulwp Forumite
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    I'm 43 and I only have the landline for the broadband. Although technically, you don't even need the landline, you could only have the broadband. Internet providers should not be allowed to force you to pay for a landline if you have no use for it!
  • Gemini.IDFGemini.IDF Forumite
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    Murphybear wrote: »
    I only use a landline, have a mobile for emergencies in the car. Must be a dinosaur:D

    Take no notice Murphybear. You're not alone. If 'They' have their way, they'll make landlines so expensive (they're horrendously expensive already, compared with mobile deals) elderly people who are not computer savvy and don't understand how to use technology and who rely on their landline phones, will lose their only outside contact with emergency services and just about everything else because landlines will be too expensive for them! Landline users are already heavily subsiding all these 'Deals' that mobile users enjoy! If anything, elderly people should have their landlines subsidised!
  • Kite2010Kite2010 Forumite
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    I only have the landline due to needing it for broadband, a phone is plugged in to receive calls from family who like some only have included minutes for 01/02 numbers rather than mobiles, although 9 times out of 10 the phone is junk (PPI, magazine subscriptions, other telemarkets etc)
  • trashedboytrashedboy Forumite
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    I'm not convinced this is the right question...I use the landline as much as my mobile which is hardly at all. The landline for the odd call to businesses where the online service can't help, mobile to friends but the bulk of non - face to face contact is via messaging of one type or another.
    Is the phone call dead?
  • I have evening and weekend calls on my landline, so I use my free mobile minutes for outbound calls during the week, but give people my home phone number to call back. I don't wish to receive admin type calls on my mobile when I am out and about, and anyway often don't hear it in my handbag.
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