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MSE News: MPs brand Scottish Power warranties 'a fraud'

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Scottish Power is facing calls from politicians for 625,000 cashback warranty customers to be refunded...
Read the full story:
'MPs brand Scottish Power warranties 'a fraud' – are you one of the 625,000 customers impacted?'
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  • diamondsdiamonds Forumite
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    Good call.

    Hypocritical for any MPs who fiddle expenses and tax to force a private company such.

    I hope SP do take legal action and the judge throws it in their face.
    SO... now England its the Scots turn to say dont leave the UK, stay in Europe with us in the UK, dont let the tories fool you like they did us with empty lies... You will be leaving the UK aswell as Europe ;)
  • veryintriguedveryintrigued Forumite
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    Has anyone who has emailed the MacDonald Partnership on [EMAIL="info@macdonaldpartnership.com"][email protected][/EMAIL] received a reply?
  • Has anyone who has emailed the MacDonald Partnership on [EMAIL="info@macdonaldpartnership.com"][email protected][/EMAIL] received a reply?

    Think you might have the wrong company there...it's The MacDonald Partnership PLC based in London, rather than the one you're quoting based in Inverness.

    Although their last creditors letter / cheque to me in February this year (for the princely sum of £4.85 :) ) doesn't quote a public facing email address, the one you actually want is...

    [EMAIL="ppclinfo@tmp.co.uk"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    Their main web address is http://www.tmp.co.uk or the specific section for the PowerPlan liquidation is https://pplaninadmin.co.uk/
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