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Our household has three cars, each with a separate motor insurance policy.
Each policy has Motor Legal Protection Insurance included as an optional extra.

So, the question is... do I need Motor Legal Protection Insurance on all three policies or can I make do with having it on just one? (i.e. does it cover the driver or is it attached to the vehicle?)

(N.B. - Whether I really need it or it has value in the first place is an entirely different question - not the one being asked here.)



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    It is usually just the standalone providers that cover the member regardless of number of vehicles.

    Most of the products sold by insurers. brokers & price comparison sites only extend to cover incidents involving the use of the vehicle covered under the motor insurance policy they have sold you. So you end up buying the product 2-3 times over. Nice result for the insurers!
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    Maybe cancel all three and find a standalone policy not linked to a single car?
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    I'm in the same boat. 3 cars and 3 possible lots of legal cover for £29.99 each.

    I bought a 2 year policy from Mems:

    £23.99 for up to 4 vehicles. :money:

    Note: 4th vehicle is pending...
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    If you join the CSMA for £25, you get it included with the membership.
    This motor legal expenses insurance is included within your CSMA Club membership for incidents which happen while you’re a member of CSMA Club. It covers you and your spouse/partner who lives with you, for any motor vehicle that you or your spouse/partner are insured to drive and will complement any motor insurance policy.
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    I have mine provided through my union membership, are you in any union?
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    Standalone is definitely the way to go: I did see that Memonline one, but I got it for slightly cheaper again with Best Price FS -

    £9.75 for a year and policy wording doesn't seem to have any limit on the number of vehicles, which is good because I drive my wife's car as well as mine and do have a motorbike too. Does the Memonline one do just cars or different vehicles too?
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