0% credit card "22 months on purchases" turns out NOT to be 0%

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Hi all,

Firstly sorry for being a newbie and posting a whinge, I went through the 0% on purchases credit card comparison and applied for the lloyds free 22 months on purchases card through MSE.
I checked my statement today and turns out I have been charged interest! so I stormed down to the local branch and they advise me that my card was never setup as 0% and that applying for the card through comparison sites does not guarantee 0% but to instead go into a branch and they will asses your financial situation (income and expenditure) and apply the rate accordingly..
V V annoyed..
Is there anything I can do? as I have made a large purchase recently on the 0% assumption..:mad:


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    Check the documents that arrived with the card, if only the t&c document shows that there is no promotional offer applied (or even better nothing at all) I would argue you wasnt adequately informed that you was supplied an alternative card. This of course still may not work as they can argue you should have read the agreement, if it is shown to you in the welcome letter tho, I think you have a very weak argument.

    If you cannot pay off the balance to stop the interest then get a 0% BT card to transfer it to.
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    With only one exception, the Platinum low rate card, ALL Lloyds credit cards offer a 0% period on purchases of one length or another. I am therefore wondering exactly what type of card you have? Surely you were informed of this at some stage during the application process or on receiving the card?
  • I must have overlooked the small print, but applied for this through the MSE eligibility calculator.

    Which returned many results and lloyds platinum stood out to me as it was 2nd from top with regards to 22 months 0% on purchases. On that assumption I applied and it came through the post, I did not think I would have to check the small print as applying through MSE is what I trusted.

    Any of you looking to apply for credit cards through comparison websites I would highly recommend that you get quotes/results back through the comparison site then apply directly to the supplier.

    Its a shame that we live in a world where trust is becoming difficult..
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    Why do you not answer the question and say what type of card you have actually been given?
    Also I don't understand why you are trying to blame MSE here. When you clicked on the link it would have taken you to the Lloyds bank website which should have clearly shown which of the several cards offered by them you were applying for. If you were not given what you applied for then ask Lloyds bank why.
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    Jav wrote: »
    I did not think I would have to check the small print

    Oh dear. So you signed up for a product which you hadn't fully checked ? Sorry, this is much like the many people who apply for a product that offers "3% representative APR" or whatever - it doesn't apply to everyone. To me, checking the small print is standard practise before signing anything. It's there in black and white, you agreed to it. End of.

    It's no different to buying car insurance via a Meercat. Headline annual premiums sound good. Go to the site, you see that it offers no courtesy car, a £900 compulsory excess, Legal Protection will cost you an extra £1000 .... etc. etc. etc. Always read the small print, it ain't rocket science.
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