NS&I On-line Account Hacked?

Today I logged into my NS&I account and was told I had apparently last logged in yesterday, yet in reality I haven't logged in for months.

When I phoned up to query this I was told someone or something had logged in every day this week. Very strange!

I've changed my password as a precaution but I think (hope) that this phantom log-in is just a quirk of the NS&I system.

Could someone with an NS&I on-line account please check if the last log-in date / time reported was incorrect.



  • Ifts
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    Just logged in and the last log-in date / time reported on the opening page was correct for me.

    You have done the right thing changing your password as a precaution - just keep an eye on the account.
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  • LuSiVe
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    Mine was blank I've not logged in for so long.
  • borborygmous
    Hi. It may be a mixup, but it might not be, so: I strongly suggest changing all your other financial passwords also (different password for each one), and changing your email password. Email is important because it can often be used to change (or help change) other passwords - it's a bit like a master key.

    Then of course, keep a log of when you log on and keep an eye on the login times...
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    It was really strange when my OH could not remember his password and rang them up.

    They passed him over to another department to set up a new password but kept telling him NOT to give any information to them if they asked for it.

    He was asked for info. and kept refusing to give it telling them he had been told not to give any info.

    He had to ring back again and explain what had happened.

    He finally managed to do it but it did leave us wondering what was going on.
  • colsten
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    Also run antivirus and malware checker - you could have a keylogger on your device.
  • joe134
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    Just logged into mine as I received statements for my 3 year 65+ , for which I have to reclaim my £80 tax back via R40, and dates of login are correct.
    My 1 year ones mature 5th may, and I instructed them to pay into my nominated A/c.
    The letter included another, saying "thanks for letting them know "new" nominated bank details",(which I didn't), but, they are the same as the original ones.?
    Methinks they are in a bit of a muddle.
  • pmjenkins
    pmjenkins Posts: 128 Forumite
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    I've just logged in again for the first time since I changed the password and the date of the last successful log-in was that same day.

    So I appear to have foiled whatever was logging in daily.
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