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Guide discussion: Wedding Insurance

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Weddings & Anniversaries

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  • cashewnutcashewnut Forumite
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    The guide is sensible. What's to discuss? :P
  • Eminently sensible. However, what we found with insurance was that if you are planning a wedding that is even slightly out of the ordinary, the coverage values are way off, and on the wrong things (our biggest cost after food is actually live music!). However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that others follow us and don't get insurance - we made a judgement call based on our circumstances (having looked into all the options and deciding that the coverage wasn't appropriate), and we are happy with that, but others may not be.
  • daividdaivid Forumite
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    For a straightforward wedding insurance seems very reasonably priced to me. Ours cost less than half a % of the wedding cost, luckily we had no need for it but I wouldn't recormend anyone does without, unless perhaps they were doing a wedding for just a few hundred pounds.
  • We paid for (what we believe to be) a decent package, and on the day, our venue had its mains water cut off. The answer was very short-notice "posh" porter-loos, and enough bottled water to cover all of the guests and flush the toilets.

    We claimed on the insurance, and were told that they didn't cover it, as it should be covered by the venue's own insurance. It wasn't - but to be fair, the venue did end up paying for it all (which we were very grateful of).

    Not clear what the point of the insurance is, if they just defer to the venue. Wish we hadn't bothered.

  • Just wanted to say that this guide was super helpful. We found that taking out wedding insurance actually saved us money as some of our suppliers wanted to charge for insurance (up to £250) but it turned out we were already covered by our wedding insurance, which only cost us £100. We also came super close to having to cancel the wedding (which cost us some £27k) when the groom was unexpectedly admitted to hospital, so definitely a guide worth reading!
  • HanbobHanbob Forumite
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    Does anyone know of any wedding insurance policies that allow both the bride and groom to be non-UK residents?

    I'm from the UK but currently live in Germany with my fiance, and the wedding will be in England. So far the only policies I've found say that at least one of us would have to be a permanent UK resident...

    To be honest, I hadn't planned on getting insurance but the venue insists, and it's really expensive and also difficult to try and buy the policy in Germany.
  • Hello, has anyone found wedding insurance you can tweak/alter?
    For example I don’t require cover for cars etc but keep falling short on photography in line with my venue.
    Thank you.
  • Hi ,

    Just wondering if anyone knew whether wedding insurance covers other people paying for bits of the wedding (eg if my parents pay for certain things but we pay for others) - does it cover everyone who has made contributions or just us as the couple getting married?

  • Hi, we're getting legally married in the UK and having a ceremonial blessing and reception in Tenerife the following week.
    Has any one done this and found wedding insurance to cover the overseas part?
  • HA23HA23 Forumite
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    I could do with some advice for my partner and I re: wedding insurance. He is in the Armed Forces and we are also looking at booking a venue that has not been fully built yet. I've just looked online at several insurers and even comparison websites but none have info on insurance for military personnel who might be deployed / resulting in cancellation and also finer details regarding issues with new-build venues. Most websites are also temporarily refusing all new quotes due to Coronavirus. If anyone has any advice I'd be very grateful. 
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