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Resolved Claims Ltd

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dumperdendumperden Forumite
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I have received a call from a company called Resolved Claims Ltd regarding mis-sold Solar panels (website appears to be called mis-soldsolarpanels. com)
I would prefer to not do the leg work on a claim myself.... BUT a Google search has not turned up any information on them.
Has anyone on this site heard of them or dealt with them?

Many thanks


  • SystemSystem
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    What makes you think that you have been mis-sold solar panels?
  • I would prefer not to get into that on here but I would like to know if any one has heard of these people?

  • Richie-from-the-BoroRichie-from-the-Boro Forumite
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    dumperden wrote: »
    I would prefer not to get into that on here but I would like to know if any one has heard of these people?


    If in this great world of the interwibble no one has ever commentated, why do you think that might be ?. An ambulance chaser company, don't ever give these people any personal information of any kind, and certainly not money.
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  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    Welcome to the forum:

    A thread was started here a couple of days ago:

    My post stated:
    You might be better posting this in the 'Green and Ethical' section of MSE as that is where the majority of solar owners and enthusiasts post.

    Just as background Solar Thermal(ie just providing hot water) had a reputation that made Double Glazing salesmen of yesteryear seem like saints. Outrageous claims and outrageous prices were the order of the day. There were more complaints to trading standard offices than any other subject. The firms regularly went 'bust' and started up again next day with the same directors but under a different name, and left their liabilities behind.

    To prevent this happening with Solar PV all companies had to be MCS registered if their customers were to receive subsidies. The vain hope was that MCS would 'police' the industry. However in many cases the same situation as Solar thermal has occurred - outrageous claims and poor financing arrangements. With the long overdue reduction in subsidies, many of these companies have jumped off the 'gravy train' and moved to pastures new.

    I have not heard of firms offering their services to make claims against the installers. Being cynical I think these might also be a scam as I doubt if many of the dodgy installation firms are still trading. If you do use a claims service, make sure you pay them nothing up front, insist they get their commission from the installation company.

    I also think that the finance companies(such as Barclays) are fireproof; they have simply lent you money and are no more liable than if you had bought a dud car with their loan.

    In particular, as Richie states in post#4 above, do not give them any money to pursue your claim.
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