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  • In August 2015 I set up Sky broadband for a property I had not moved into. When setting up I did advise that I was not living at the property, so if the router and various items could be sent to my current address, but Sky rejected, and advised that they will attempt to deliver, if not any correspondence would go to the local depo. The reason for joining Sky was as there was an incentive, a choice of laptop or vouchers, and I selected a laptop.
    A week after setting up, I logged onto check my Sky account, and tracking system, where it stated that the laptop had been delivered. On the tracking system it showed a signature, with my surname, but obviously not signed by myself, immediately I emailed UK Mail and Sky to get an update.
    The next day, I went to the property, nothing was posted, checked with neighbours and nothing was handed in. contacted Sky, who advised that the tracking system showed that it had been delivered, so I was to contact UK Mail, contacted UK Mail and they advised that it had been delivered and I was to contact SKY. 93 Emails and 38 phone calls to UK Mail and 63 calls to Sky, asking me to go between one and the other, but not one company was able to help. I even contacted UK Mail and asked if the driver was able to provide a description of who the item was given to, but they refused but advised that they accepted fault and provided me a claim reference number. I provided Sky a claim reference but they rejected it and threatened that if I contacted them again they would contact the Police . At this point Sky also sent me a letter saying if I contacted them again about the laptop they would cut me off. I reported the issue to the police, and they advised that I would follows Sky’s process through.
    Sky sent a deadlock letter with details for the Ombudsman service, the Ombudsman were provided all evidence of calls and emails but supported Sky’s decision. After 28 weeks of waiting for a response, The Ombudsman decision was based on that Sky provided them evidence of a signature.
    I went through all channels through the Ombudsman to provide evidence of how decision has been made, but they reject providing any evidence. I have provided the Ombudsman evidence of their failure in investigation, but again they have covered these up, to support and cover up failings of staff and disregard the honesty of customers.
    Can somebody please help me.
  • H Utter nonsense to my comment?
  • tomtontom
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    This thread is about the financial ombudsman. Your complaint is about the ombudsman service, something completely different. Please start a thread of your own on the relevant board.
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    Chris, I sympathise with your situation but I can't see how the Ombudsman could have reached any other decision.

    Endowment providers have been sending out warning letters with annual statements for at least the last 10 years where endowments are not likely to reach the required maturity value to pay off the mortgage.

    You have to provide evidence to the ombudsman that the endowment provider has acted improperly or unfairly. If they have sent you warning letters every year and you haven't taken any action. It's difficult to see what else they could have done?.

    If I was the ombudsman I would have reached the same decision
  • I wonder if dyslexia was mentioned at application stage by the OP and if the building society were aware of it would it have made a difference to the decision?
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    Thanks It was about 10 years ago. My omitting circumstances’ were as I suffer from dyslexia and my wife at the time delta with all the correspondence. I was going through a particularly horrible divorce with said wife at the time of these letters; the last thing I was interested in was how my endowment was NOT performing?

    So why has it taken 10 years to decide to file a complaint. Redress was limited to 3 years after the date given in the red warning letter you received. For the vast majority of people this was some years back. That's why the FOS has rejected your complaint.
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    Ahmedmu wrote: »
    H Utter nonsense to my comment?

    As been mentioned you need to start your own thread.
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