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Charities that successfully fight hunger?

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I need help finding a charity, and I'd like to donate to one that fights world hunger. I tried Heifer, but when I asked them to show me evidence that their program had a long-term impact, like more than 10 years, they couldn't provide any. The just sent me info about people their program had been to within the past few years. But I've heard that hunger-fighting charities often achieve only short-term results, and don't want to waste money on charities that don't work.

So does anyone know of charities that successfully fight hunger?


  • Do you mean you want some guarantee the charity will still be around in 10+ years, as I'm not sure any charity could claim that 100%.

    Heifer that you mentioned I hadn't heard of, but there are a few charities oxfam included, that do similar things providing animals but I guess it depends on the life expectancy of that animal if it would last more than 10 years, or if they also include some sort of long term vet cover or not?

    I am not aware of any charity or government etc that has found a way to change a local environment enough to change things long term that another donation or provision of help is never needed again. Not even just in feeding people in the uk, eg homeless, low income etc.

    I guess a bigger charity might be around more long term, and spend more time helping certain areas, but then you might not like the extra overheads some bigger charities have on the admin side.

    What about something like worldvision where you can sponser a child, it isn't just hunger, but at least you'd get letters from the person you're helping to know if it really is helping them.
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    Since clean water is so vital, how about WaterAid?
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  • You can find about mission humanitaire online.
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