How Much Would You Spend On A Easter Egg

How much would most want to shell out for an easter egg?. I like the lindt lindor truffles but I think the egg for £10 isn't really worth the price as the egg is two thin shell's with 12 small egg shaped truffles. I would rather buy the 375 gram assorted truffle carton for £5 from morrisons as there is more for the money in that.
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    I don't pay for overpriced stuff for a hyped up 'special' occasion.

    I've bought my neice & nephew some chocolate fingers (big box for £1 Tesco), a box of cholocate buttons (less than £1) and a chocolate orange (£1 on offer from Tesco) - that's for each of them - and I'll give them a tenner each.
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    I only buy them based on the £/100g.... so £1'd be my usual limit, unless I was overtaken by a very strange desire to buy an easter egg that I really fancied.... the budget would stretch to about £1.50 in that case.

    It's just chocolate.... you're paying for the shape .... but it all comes out the same shape :)
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    It's got to be good quality chocolate. You could buy cheap chocolate but it tastes awful. I would spend up to £1/100g on a small to medium size egg. Looking at Mysupermarket there's plenty of choice. The ones at £1.20/100g actually look good value. I might buy one of them.
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  • For an adult and decent chocolate, I wouldn't spend more than about £20.
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    I usually set an upper limit of £3 as the absolute maximum for family as they devour at such speed, they'll have more fun with £3 of bar chocolate.

    That said when they were very small, watching different egg eating techniques - smash, nibble like a brandy balloon, & crack into shards, was worth £5 each for photos for doting grandparents. (Not any more, the offspring are no longer That Cute.)

    At scouts we buy the socking big eggs as the 10pence roll targets & its still a fundraiser!
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    My OH and I have decided to get Easter Eggs for each other but we're going to exchange on the Tuesday (our first day off together anyway). That way we can abuse the sales and still find something tasty.
  • I don't mind paying more for chocolate when it's egg shaped, I swear it tastes different!
    I've bought my OH a choc-a-block egg for £5, I wouldn't spend much more than that on a basic egg but for something really fancy/different/nice to look at I'd maybe stretch to a tenner.
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    I bought all the kids in the family (ranging from 2 and half years old up to 20 years old) the medium size eggs when they were on offer for half price at £2 in Tesco a few weeks back. I think that is a reasonable amount to pay. The littlies are getting the Randoms ones and the teenagers are getting the Marvellous Creations ones. I don't buy Easter eggs for adults. I get myself a large slab of Cadbury's Fruit & Nut :)
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    I agree that Easter Eggs are vastly overpriced for the amount of chocolate you get in them. And usually the designs are so boring. I remember years ago I was in Paris the week before Easter and bought some Easter chocolate from there - a large chocolate chicken with smaller chocolate eggs and shapes around it, all beautifully presented. Whereas over here you still get very unimaginative eggs, typically just based on a chocolate bar (eg Mars bar egg). Possibly there will be a mug with it, and that's the limit of the manufacturer's creativity! Marks and Spencers do more attractive and interesting eggs, but quite pricey.

    And annoyingly in recent years the shops seemed to have fixed it so that there are hardly any eggs left by the time it gets to Easter Saturday, so no chance of any last minute bargains!
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