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It's not a lot, but it's enough

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  • VerbatimVerbatim Forumite
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    Remember that for furniture there's always freecycle, gifts from family and friends and charity shops. You can then repace as you go and can afford. Or start minimalist and just get a bed, floor cushion for tv watching and curtains and add each month.
    Main thing is to make sure you can afford the repayments council tax and utilities insurances tv licence and everything you need. But I think you've been living on a restricted budget to reflect what you'd have left after these costs?
    I hope the flat is all you hope for on Monday. I agree with the poster above that having a longer mortgage to start with is no bad thing when you're starting out as when you remortgage you can reduce the term and can overpay in the meantime.
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  • louby40louby40 Forumite
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    Oooo how exciting.

    My mortgage has 18 years left to go and I hope to retire in 12 years so I need them to come together when I remortgage in 2020.

    Can't wait to hear all about the viewing.
  • SpekySquareheadSpekySquarehead Forumite
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    Viewings are done and dusted. I met with a mortgage advisor and we done some calculations first then I went and saw 3 flats, all within the same block of flats.

    Flat 1 - £88,000
    A ground floor flat. It had what seemed to be an upgraded kitchen but some of the fittings seemed a bit ‘off’.

    Flat 2 - £70,000
    Identical flat as flat 1 except on 2nd floor and with a different kitchen.

    Flat 3 - £67,500
    Different layout as others. The living room windows didn’t have a particularly nice view and the master bedroom was very small.

    The above is a very brief overview. The 2nd flat ticked a lot of the boxes, particularly given it’s 18k less that an identical flat (minus the kitchen). I wasn’t blown away with any. I watch programmes on the TV and a couple will walk into a home and be all “OH MY GOD, IT’S PERFECT”. I didn’t have that feeling. Should I hold off until I do? Realistically though, will I ever find a property within my budget that’ll blow my socks off – I doubt it.

    I took my mum and step-dad along. They agreed flat 2 was the best and encouraged me to read further into it HOWEVER there are electricity wires going above the flat and my mum read horror stories on how extended periods of time near electricity pylons and wires can cause leukaemia. I say she’s being dramatic.

    I think I’ll look at a few more properties and see what I can get for my cash. Maybe some ex-council houses or flats in a different area. Nothing to lose.
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  • louby40louby40 Forumite
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    The house I bought in May 2015 I knew straightaway. I'd actually looked at one opposite, same layout but the garden didn't get any sun and it wasn't as cosmeticically nice.

    So for an extra £5k I paid for a south facing garden. That's so important to me. Being able to sit outside during the summer evenings is worth £5k.

    I think you need to look at a few other flats/houses. You need to think about your lifestyle, how you will get to work, is it close to friends/family and weigh the pros and cons. But you've got the bug now.

    Happy house hunting
  • DrawingalineDrawingaline Forumite
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    How long do you plan to live there? A new kitchen is nice, but planning one with a layout to suit you is better and wouldn't cost the amount you would be saving.

    We have bought two properties and have viewed a grand total of three! With our first flat, we knew we wanted a parking space and most converted flats only had onstreet parking (we were in Brighton and the parking situation there is ridiculous!) So we looked at one flat that had off street parking and there were no more in the right areas for sale at the time. So we just went for it. Being purpose built the rooms were big and the layout way better than converted flats that friends bought.

    The house we are in now we viewed along with one other. In the right price range where we love now few were on the market and we had to make a quick decision. The other house we looked at was smaller, had a smaller garden and the layout was off. I can't say we 'knew' this was our house, but we already rented on the estate, there are only three layouts of houses anyway and this one is identical to my sister's so we knew what we could do with it. The only issue I have is no driveway, and if we could ever afford to move that would be something I would like.

    How many similar properties in your price range are there? What is a definite need, IE, off street parking, close to transport links, near town, quiet etc etc. As long as you can tick off most of the important things then anything extra is a bonus. This flat isn't likely to be you dream property for life, don't get too hung up on that part of it.:)
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  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    I go with what Drawingaline said - make a list of things that you won't compromise on (for us it was also parking, and an upstairs bathroom) and see what else is out there.
    I knew when I saw this house it was the one I wanted.
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  • SpekySquareheadSpekySquarehead Forumite
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    Hey all, thanks for posting.

    Louby - I'll do some digging about and arrange some more viewings, just to see what I can get for my money

    DAL - I don't plan on living there long in all honesty. I actually think I may move out of Scotland altogether in the future. I'm fairly relaxed with what's on my wish list. I've a tight budget and so my options are limited.

    CCL - I wish I had that feeling but I suppose I'll never find it unless I don't look!

    Spoke about the properties again last night with my parents. Awaiting the home report on Flat 2 and if it reads well then I might arrange a 2nd viewing. In the meantime, as I said, I think I'll shop about and view some other properties. I've a free evening tonight so I think I'll do it then.

    In other financial news. I've managed a good few NSD's and today should be no different. In fact, tomorrow too as I won't have football because I'm working. Thinking about it, even Thursday!!!

    Although all the good work will soon disappear as I've my friends stag do this weekend. Liverpool for 2 nights. All budgeted for but I could still do with it coming under budget.

    Nothing much else to report. Shall note my findings upon tonight's search.
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  • joeyjimblesjoeyjimbles Forumite
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    If its a property 'for now' then think about the resale value, what you could do to add some value without too much cost rather than if it makes your heart flutter. Obviously don't go an buy somewhere dismal that you'll hate but the best advice is always to buy the worst house in the best street rather than the best one - so if the kitchen isn't that great but you could make it so for less than the difference in price (changing doors and fittings isn't expensive) then that's the way to go. Our kitchen is solid wood and not really my personal taste but it suits the house. So we sanded and painted it, removed a couple of fussy elements and added some open shelves on a wall. In an ideal world of course I'd rip it out and replace but this cost someone over £20K at least 15 years ago so it is a quality kitchen and works with the style of the house so I can't justify it.
    Outside space is a big deal for me too - we spent a few years in a first floor rental in London and I hated not being able to go and sit outside on a sunny day/barbecue in the evening etc. We were a street away from a park but it's not the same. Parking might also be a priority for you.

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  • VelvetFreakVelvetFreak Forumite
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    Hi Speky. Been at home sick all day and read your entire thread. Was a great read, and your Gran sounds adorable.

    I know what it's like to have house fever. I am 23 and bought my flat about a year ago.

    Just some random thoughts for you:

    Buying a place is kind of like having a baby, you can be as prepared as humanly possible, but it's always going to be terrifying and there's always something more you could have done ie. saved more money, better job, etc. Eventually you just have to pull the trigger.

    You're always going to have a 'regret' about something (lack of a better word) and you can't always have everything. For example, I bought a 1bed flat. Sometimes I really wish I had an extra bedroom to use as a guest room or office. In saying that, had I bought a 2bed (that I could afford) I would not have got the attached garage and air conditioning (am in Australia, a lot of houses don't have it).

    Furniture is not as important as you think it is. Well at least not straight away. As long as you have something to sleep on, you can manage for a few months until you can save up to buy some stuff.

    Where I live, older flats in a good part of town are very hard to come buy (new ones are very common but also very $$). I bought the second flat that I looked at (actually tried to buy the first one that I looked at but it ended up being full of termites :eek: ). You should definitely look at more if you can, but it's not the end of the world if there's nothing else available in your price range.

    Also be weary of the RE agents, assume that all of them are evil (sorry to any who may be reading :p). I had so many issues with mine and in my line of work I hear crazy stories all the time.

    Anyways, you're probably sick of my rambling at this point. Looking forward to reading how you go with the house stuff. :)
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  • SpekySquareheadSpekySquarehead Forumite
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    Joey - how are you? Thanks as ever for stopping by. My mum said the same, she's thinking for the future and re-sale value. I don't think there's much that this property doesn't have which I could change to add value, although that's not to say it's impossible. Your example being perfect.

    Velvet - How nice of you, thank you. Hope you're feeling better soon. I agree, unless I win the lottery, there probably won't be a right time. I'll shop about and hopefully build up a list of things I do and don't like.
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