The Great "Staying Behind The Joneses" Hunt



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    wakandem wrote: »
    ...../ snipped /........

    IMO don't touch 2nd hand laptops they are seriously overpriced & unlikely to be reliable for any length of time. Worn out hard drive - worn out battery - worn out optical drives, etc.

    I am now on my 2nd used laptop, each time getting a solid business quality one with good spec, screen & keyboard rather than a new but cheaply made consumer one. First one never went wrong once, it just became too slow and could not be upgraded. The 2nd is also a popular business brand with loads of spare parts on Ebay just in case it does go wrong one day.
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    Cars are generally so much better made than they were in the past. Don't buy a new one - get a decent two-year old with a service history for about half what it would have cost new. You won't notice the difference.

    If you can follow a Haynes manual and wield spanners then there are real bargains to be had - my last 4 cars have cost between £200 and £500 and given nine years service between them, the current one still going strong. None have needed more than routine servicing and minor mechanical work.
  • Sorry but the HD post at the beginning is very ill informed!

    As it was said, if you have an xbox 360, HD, or Blu Ray drive or like me, you have a media PC, I download all my films in HD and stream them directly to the TV with a DVI/HDMI cable - and there is no comparison, both in colour and sharpness!
  • There's an article in Which? magazine about the latest Hi-Def and Blu-Ray DVD players, which fail to work with lots of HD-ready TVs. It's all to do with the 24 frames/sec on the DVD and 50/100 frames/sec on the TV - they just don't match and the picture is very poor. They are having to redesign the TVs to cope, but that means that all TVs sold before that point may produce poor results.

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    You can buy a Free to air HDTV receiver direct from Pace for £100.

    It will get the BBC HD channel and ITV today announced ITV1HD is to start next year.
  • deanos wrote: »
    Alot of companys sell ex returns on Ebay, Pixmania have an outllet on Ebay, i picked up a Panasonic DVD recorder with freeview & HDMI upscaling for £65, they are selling for £150 elsewhere, i still got a 1year warranty and its like new :T

    Hi deanos

    I was thinking of getting one of those from pixmania but they've told me it would be a European model. I've read on that this is a problem when using the EPG due to the timezone difference and means that if you click on a currently showing program to change channel, it instead goes to the set recording page. Have you experienced this problem?

    The other problem is that the software updates are only broadcast over-the-air a couple of times and the latest v1.16 is due to be repeated from 17-19 September. If you miss this (perhaps due to not getting the machine till after the 19th) you could be stuck with whatever software is already on there and whatever bugs it has (and this particular machine is known to have a couple of major ones).
  • BillScarab wrote: »
    I bought a second hand 32" JVC TV off a colleague when he bought a Plasma, the picture is excellent, far better than cheap LCDs. It also meant I could give my old TV to my Mom as it was a bigger set than hers.

    If you're buying a new PC buy one with one of the cheaper models of core 2 duo processors and overclock it to get a free performance boost. It's very easy to do and doesn't cost a penny, if you spend £20 on a better fan you can get even more performance out of it.

    Totally agree about the JVC. I have a 26" one which is fine if your living room isn't huge. I did a lot of research before I bought it a couple of years ago and they seemed to think JVC were way ahead on colour. They seem to come out very well if comparisons are done on the top brands in magazine tests. I will be keeping mine for a long while.
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    Mercenary wrote: »
    My tactics exactly :D .
    I have recently picked up 'Hitman:Blood Money' (2006) for £4.99, 'Splinter Cell: Double Agent' (2006) for £4.89.... and have now ordered 'Sniper Elite' (2005) for £7.95. :cool:

    For my OH I've just ordered 'Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 -Century of Flight' for £12.99 on GAME, which is approx the price it is going for on Ebay second-hand, and is half the priceasked by the remaining shops that still have it. is your friend ;)

    i just bought a brand new copy of MS FS2002 off ebay for 99p.
    not as good as 2004 but real value for money.
    who gives a toss about the jones,s next door?
    Get some gorm.
  • Remember though that with new products you get a warranty that you don't necessarily get for older products. Though i suppose for a £50 TV off eBay, if it goes bang after 12months, its not the end of the world.
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  • Kernow_Kid wrote: »
    Oh, and by the way, for all those Jones' who did pick up a HD TV, Philips and IBM are launching 3D TV in 2009!:beer:
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