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I am going on holiday and may not have internet access when my credit card bill is due.

I wanted to pay £2k in advance into my credit card so that it never actually ran up a debit at all

But the credit card company said that would invalidate the protection that the card gave me and was against the rules

Does anyone understand what they mean because they would not explain?



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    Credit cards don't typically have licences to take deposits, so it breaches the terms of use.

    With regards to the protection, they will be referring to section 75. If you are spending a credit, rather than actually borrowing money on your card, there is a question as to whether section 75 will apply.

    Where are you going that there will be no internet or mobile signal?
  • Dan83Dan83 Forumite
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    Can you set up s 1 off direct debit or ask a friend/family member to pay it for you?
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    Most banks let you schedule faster payments from internet banking - just set it to pay it off a few days after the statement date.
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    If you have the money to pay it off, why not just setup a direct debit for the minimum or the full value so you never miss a payment?
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