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Selling Amex Membership Rewards points


I have around 22k Amex Membership Rewards points. According to the MSE RewardsChecker:

My points are worth around 1.25p/pt. Where can I achieve such a rate though?

I have contacted several points brokers found through Google and the best offer I have had so far is 1.35c/pt, which is roughly 0.95p/pt.



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    That value you'd struggle to achieve, except perhaps for flights or hotel stays, via points transfers to their various schemes (Avios, Etihad Guest, Hilton HHonors, for example).

    Using the points as a direct statement credit will achieve around 0.45p/point, buying gift vouchers with them around 0.5p/point. I very much doubt anyone would pay you 1.25p/point for them unfortunately!
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    Depends how much you value things. So e.g. one can buy hotel room upgrades / flight upgrades. Which I have found to be the best return ratio - in practice the real cost to the final vendor is less than the value of the point I end up placing on the service provided when e.g. using public pricelist for things. This because most of the transport/logging business give most of the upgrades for free to high spend business travelers. I gave up on points (used to collect BA avios, then United MileagePlus) and I now simply have amex cashback card (1.25% cashback usually, plus 5% in the first 3 monthas, 2.5% every aniversary year, has an annual fee) + halifax clarity reward (needs halifax account, 5 quid cashback per 300 spend a month) + nationwide select visa (0.5% unlimited cashback. Such that I e.g. spend first 300 quid on halifax rewards, then use amex as much as i can, and nationwide select in places that don't take amex. Works out great, and no need to hunt spending for points. It's not quite 1.25% return but it is in that ball park, and certainly less stressful than trying to hunt for worthwhile hotel / flights etc deals.
  • how does "selling" Amex points work exactly? As far as I know they don't give you the ability to transfer or gift points to other accounts/people. And points transfers to airlines (I believe) have to go to an account in the same name as a card holder... so not sure how you can actually move points in a selling situation....
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