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Block Paving Quotes

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  • FurtsFurts Forumite
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    Robinzx9r wrote: »
    We used a company called, they came resurfaced our driveway with a permeable resin bound paving 7 months ago they charged £50m2, me and the wife are extremely happy with the product and price plus it still looks like new today with just a quick power wash... so thumbs up here..

    But thumbs down from me. Seven months is far from a realistic time to judge the durability of a job. Equally £50 per metre square is a ridiculous price to pay for a resin coating. Add to this the sub contracting and lack of control that exists and my observation is "Buyer Beware"
  • densol_2densol_2 Forumite
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    I'm just having 100 sm of block paving removed and replaced with 3 colour tumbled blocks in grey. They have excavated nice and deep - massive amount of earth removed !

    100 sm = triple drive, all pathways and also 5 large flower beds ( already there ) with grey curbing ( was 32 metres )

    £7950 plus VAT - greater London,
    Stuck on the carousel in Disneyland's Fantasyland :D

    I live under a bridge in England
    Been a member for ten years.
    Retired in 2015 ( ill health ) Actuary for legal services.
  • mtamneemtamnee Forumite
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    We live in London. We want to create a 25sqm driveway in our front garden. The law requires a permeable product / blocks to be used if over 25sqm .. we don't want to apply for planning permission hence the 25sqm. A small garden wall 40 cm x 600 cm will need to be partially knocked down and partially replaced. We will retain approx. 50% of the flowerbeds. No planting will be required but a 1.5 m x 6 m hedge will need to be removed.

    What sort of ball park sum should I expect for a permeable block clay paving with an appropriate sub soil aggregate plus hedge removal ?
    How much cheaper would it be if we used non permeable blocks ?

    Please help !
  • Not too sure if I'm a little bit late with this reply but apparently you can use a DIY Method. Im not too sure on the company but their is some sealer that they are selling on eBay or i believe they can visit you and do it from your home, seems a simple enough form for a quotation.

    i believe if you google hi bond block paving sealer that they should show up

    - hope i wasn't to late

    - John
  • andre_xsandre_xs Forumite
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    just to add to this thread: We want to get our driveway block paved. First quote was £3600 for the following works:
    - Remove old driveway (mixture of slabs, grass, walls, bushes)
    - foundation for new driveway
    - cheap blocks
    - 58 sq meters (i.e., £62/sq meter)
    - a "step" for the door
    - drain at the bottom of the driveway (it has a slope towards the street)
    - incl all materials and labour
    - area: Greater London (St Albans, Hertfordshire)

    If they are using slabs instead of bricks, they'd charge £2900 (£50/sq meter)

    Not too sure whether this company is dubious/fine or not, will try to get more quotes.

    Do you think this is reasonable or overly cheap?

    Best wishes,
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