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This is a bit of a weird one and I didn't know which section to put it in but please bear with me.

I rather foolishly, when I was young and still had hair (1996), opened a Burton storecard which was managed by GE Capital bank.

In 1999 I moved house and this is when my troubles began.

I told GE Capital that I had moved house but never received another bill. Instead I would get a monthly phone call from them saying I had not made a payment/payment was late and then they let me make a payment over the phone. I was also told every month that as a result I had incurred a £15 late payment charge.

When I informed them of a lack of a bill they would check my address details and it would be some random address, but always in the area I lived in and with the right house number. They would then ask for my postcode and house number and told me my address details were now correctly updated.

To cut a long story short this carried on until the account was paid off in full and closed down in 2003ish.

Last year I discovered i had a bit of an identity theft problem and when I checked up with Experian it appears that GE Capital were changing my address frequently; my postcode ended 0QL but for some obscure reason they were using 9QL, 8QL, 0GL, OGI etc. So it looks like whoever was updating my details was entering the house number right but the postcode wrong, their automatic system for filling in the rest of the address was working but going to the street address of whatever incorrect postcode they had entered.

Does anyone know if I am able/allowed to claim back all these charges? I know there is that test case waiver on at the moment but these charges were incurred as a result of an administrative error on their part.

1) When I asked if I could set up a direct debit so that I could avoid missing payments I was told that as my account wasn't well managed by me they wouldn't allow that!
2) They never seemed to accept that as I never received a bill from them that it was not sufficient grounds for me not paying that bill, as apparently I was supposed to know what the minimum amount due and the payment date were. Presumably telepathically.
3) Is it also possible to get some sort of compensation from them as I also discovered through Experian that I had some really bad entries on my credit report.

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