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  • My local folk arts group has lost funding from the Arts Council England because their funding has been reduced by a third as the government is putting the money towards the 2012 Olympics. Have other groups been similarly affected, and what measures are you taking to overcome this major setback?
  • Hi
    Funding for the voluntary sector in England is likely to go through major shifts due to various factors (move from grants to commissioning, the olympics (Tessa Jowell has 'borrowed' arts, heritage and sports lottery money to fill the funding gap, increase in number of groups, changing wider economic environment etc) as you point out, which means that groups are going to have be very savvy about the direction they take, to stand out and prove that they are delivering a service that will add value to the government's strategies.

    In a way we have come full cycle over the last 10 years, as people who have been longer in the sector than myself remind me, as the tightening of everyone's belt is similar to what happened just before Margaret Thatcher came to power. It is not going to be easy but I would say conserve your energy for working out the best way forward for your group (if it is worth funding).

    A couple of places to get further help developing your future: - the national association of councils for voluntary service - these are orgns that support and develop local groups - very good general website for voluntary sector which also has a useful email to keep up with trends and polices, plus lots of links to funding - they are keen on sustainable funding i.e. trading and generating income so look at their subsites
    and - site funded by government which collates lots of useful resources on funding and finance for groups.
    (all this is personal opinion based on 10 years' of working with groups in London)
  • Hi all, I am a college student. I received a federal Pell grant for college and now I am thinking about dropping out or I might even fail some of the courses. I am little confused. I need your suggestions. If one of the above happens will I have to repay the federal Pell grant? All help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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    Am I right in thinking that's a US grant? If so, asking on a UK moneysaving site may not get you anyone who knows anything about it.

    Whatever the situation, I suspect that only Pell will be able to confirm whether or not the grant needs to be repaid. The answer may depend on whether you complete the year or drop out part way through.
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    i just want to say i started a recycling business last year, and i had no funding or grants etc, as they said there wasnt any available...i stop tons of waste going into landfils, with no help, which to be honest i am really proud of... as there has been no finacial help from anyone... all my own money to start it up....which makes me really proud....

    so from my point of view.... i think some so called enterprises...( please dont jump down my throat as i did say some not all) are business people who are afraid to do it alone, and use the safety net of the grants to trade....i have seen it on a few occasions, and when the grant money has dried up for one initiative, they start a diff one up.. and start the ball rolling all over again...
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  • Grantsnet is the only search site that is free. All the others mentioned charge a fee.
  • Hi, new to this site.

    Me and my boyfriend are looking at buying a house, what we originally thought was we would buy a repo so our mortgage payments are low, reducing risk of us getting repo'd in fthe uture as obviously people have really huge mortgages and are living beyond their means.... anyways... i have seen grants etc but i was wondering if there were any grants to help first time buyers decorate and buy furniture etc, we have savings but only enough for a deposit, and if you have looked at repo's you will understand when i say they are in horendous condition and need a lot of work, you think you are getting a bargain, but are you really?! So any ideas? (we dont want shared owndership by the way) THANKS!!
  • If so, and if free flights could help make your dream a reality, why not apply for the next round of BA's Great Britons programme, mentioned in this article? We’re giving away 180 flights this year to emerging British talent, and the competition is open to everyone (16 and above and UK residents) who needs support to develop their talent in any field – whether they are the next Mark Ronson on the road to the Miami Music Conference, the future Sam Mendes planning a trip to the Cannes Film Festival, or even a local cricket team looking to train abroad.

    Search for "Great Britons" to apply!
  • Hi,
    Our Village Hall was built in Victorian times and extended in 1953. I have recently been into the roof space and noticed that there is very little insulation. We are a small village and struggle to find funds for major expenditure. Is it possible to get a grant to cover the cost of insulation, thus bring down the, very high, cost of heating?
  • MrGreen44
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    Our local Community Charity is looking for funding, Green Ventures Furniture Reuse... collects and sells furniture on too people on low incomes benefits and migrant workers... all money taken goes back into the project.

    We aim to reduce landfill and help local people..

    Any help in regards to funding welcome

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