MNBA sending texts for credit on old cards

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Received a text out the blue last Tuesday from 03332076356 saying my account is in credit and requesting me to call for a refund.

I can't remember the last time I even used that card - think it was a one off purchase pre-internet banking in 2006 or sometime.

Well it seems legit as wary of a scam I've just called MNBA via their direct 0800 number and they have confirmed they will pay me £450 + - he even confirmed the other account holders name, which I'd forgotten

The guy on the phone said it was likely due to a direct debit issue? I have no idea this far back if that is true or not.

Googling the above number shows some others have had the same message.

As it's Sunday I was advised the cash would be in tuesday/wednesday.

I will wait and see, but there's a bonus, but I'm just not sure how it happened.


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