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Quick question for 1st card application

in Credit cards
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Hi all

I'm about to apply for a money transfer card to pay off an overdraft badly dented by this year's tax bill. My problem is what to give as my residential status: I rent the house I live in, but have a mortgage on another house (currently unoccupied and on the market, having had to move before it sold). Am I a private tenant or a homeowner?

I have only once applied for a credit card before and it was declined - possibly because I have limited credit history, possibly due to a typo in the postal database for our old house, and possibly because of above residential status confusion. I don't want to get a negative mark for an admin error.



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    It's not a 'quick' question.
    On the face of it you are a tenant. However, 'homeowner' is better, and I don't see any problem with giving the address of your property, but it's best to give the address you are registered to vote at and, generally, it's bad to have two active addresses reported to your credit files.
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    which address is registered on your credit files; which is on your bank statements; at which are you on the electoral roll
  • Hmm, will use renting address then, everything is registered here - and we'll be buying it when the other one sells. Just thought having a mortgage payment on file would be confusing.
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