Don't know what to do

I'm 25 years old and still living with my parents. I suffer from chronic pain, severe depression, anxiety and a thyroid condition. I had a part time job up until last year, but it was only a few hours on minimum wage so I didn't earn enough to pay tax or NI. I've never had any other jobs. In March 2015 that job ended and I haven't had anything since and my physical and mental health has got worse since then. I've basically been living off my parents, but they cannot afford to do it and it's causing a lot of stress and tension. They've told me I've got to claim benefits because they can't afford to help me. I don't know what I am entitled to or how to apply and I'm really stressed about it. My friend told me there's no point because I've never paid NI so I'm stuffed basically and no one gets anything nowadays for illness anyway. What should I do?!


  • Darksparkle
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    If fit for work then look into JSA.

    If not fit for work, and your doctor will give you a fit note, then look into ESA.
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    Hello livelifefull. You can make a claim for employment support allowance. The fact that you live with your parents will not stop this. You make the intial claim by telephone - you can google the number. You do need to have a sick (fit) note from your doctor and will need to send them regularly to the DWP. As you have not worked much your claim will be income based ESA but provided you do not have savings over £16000 you will be able to claim. Initially you will be paid about £73 per week. You will then be sent a form ESA50 where you will need to explain what you can and cannot do. I strongly advise that you get some help from an advice centre or CAB to help you with this. You will then have to go for a face to face assessment to determine whether you can remain on ESA or need to go onto job seeker. Do not worry and think too far ahead with this though - take it one step at a time - visit your doctor and get a fit and make that phone call to start your claim. Good luck. Think also about what you can do to help your conditions - maybe a little volunteering might help you in the future?
  • vlad
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    If you have care and or mobility issues claim PIP (the replacement for DLA)
  • livelifefull_2
    Thank you so much for the replies. I'm not well enough to work, so I will try to claim ESA.
  • Topcat1982
    My friend told me there's no point because I've never paid NI so I'm stuffed basically and no one gets anything nowadays for illness anyway

    Your friend is wrong. Apply for income based ESA, your parents' income will not affect it
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