BT = bloody theives ! Martin please read this

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I've just been on the phone for the last 45 mins to BT after getting a letter saying they want to put up the monthly DD payment from £60 to £79 so we phoned them up and said as we are on a DMP with citizens advice we could not afford it , and they also informed us that this month's DD had bounced so it would trigger a bill of £167 to be paid within 7 days , we said we could not afford it so they said we could pay weekly £20 but the service would be restricted to local calls only until the outstanding bill was paid off. After arguing with the advisor for about 10 minutes we asked to be put through to her manager, and she said much the same , we asked could we pay the £60 owing for Aug via the post Office or through online banking and still continue with the £60 DD for September, her reply was no you can only pay using DD (which after logging into BT account , discovered you can make payments this way!) if we chose to pay any other method than by DD then the service would be restricted. We argued that this was unfair , then we queried the cost of Broadband as the actual calls was only £53 of the actual bill, the rest was “service charges” , she then looked into the cost of BT Total Broadband Option 2 and said we were being charged £22.99 a month but I said that wasn’t what we were told it would be when we ordered this package in November 2006, that it would be £9.99 or £14.99 a month for 6 months, she then looked into this and discovered we had been charged full rate since November 2006 and that BT owed us £54 , so she then said it would come off the next bill so I argued no it would be taken off the outstanding bill of £167 and eventually she agreed to this and said we now owed £113 and we could re-do the DD now a cost of only £40 a month and it would be a full service.

I am just wondering how many others have been overcharged in the last 12 months and not realized it because of BT's complicated billing system, maybe this is something else Martin should look into?


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