Contactless Credit Cards

I have used a Nat West Credit Card for many years now. I have been issued with a new card which is Contactless.

I definitely do not want a contactless card. I have called Nat West and they tell me that Mastercard are only now issuing Contactless Cards. Fortunately I also have a Flybe Mastercard but this is not Contactless so I intend to use this in future and destroy the Natwest one.

I have built up a faultless credit history with the Nat West Card over many years to the point where on the two odd occasions I have forgotten to pay the card on time and have been charged, a letter to customer services has refunded the charge. If I switch to another card do I lose my credit history with a credit card?


  • R34GTT
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    Credit history remains for 6 years
  • Markw
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    But does that history appear to a different provider?
  • [Deleted User]
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    Yes. .
  • Khrisjun
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    Is there any reason you dont want a contactless Card? You can cut a small hole in the card to disable this feature if this is all you do not like and would like to stay with natwest.

    Just type 'Disable contactless card' into google to find out how,
  • Markw
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    As I understand it, if the card is lost and used using the contactless feature it is very difficult to prove that the card has been used by a third party.
  • Robin9
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    This Contactless discussion goes around and around.

    MarkW thats true but as long as you report the loss its not your problem. The fraud figures show this is extremely low ; online is much higher
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • pogofish
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    What has this got to do with Stoozing?
  • xnoxxnox
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    You can get a small sleeve for the card that essentially blocks the spectrum and prevent contactless from working. I got one for free from a privacy cautious geek organisation, but i am sure you can buy them too. In practice I like contactless - i can now pay for things in busy places like a bar, without revealing my pin code to all the CCTV cameras. And contactless has a 30 quid limit, and it does get blocked out and demands pin if used too much. So in practice, I ended up regarding it as a safer option.
  • 20aday
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    Even though this perhaps belongs in the credit card thread (rather than Stoozing sub-forum) I much prefer to use contactless where it's available.

    It's limited to £30 and you are required to enter your PIN every so often to prove you are the card holder.

    You can buy shielded wallets/purses etc or even wrap the card(s) in tin foil.

    Not only that in busier places at least shoulder surfers won't get to see your PIN.
    It's not your credit score that counts, it's your credit history. Any replies are my own personal opinion and not a representation of my employer.
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